Bob cut lace front wigs are the leading products on the lace wigs market in recent years. Because the bob style is always fashionable and suitable for all age groups, all seasons. Also, it is easy to take care of and welcomed by most women. For the black girls, bob style lace front wigs are their first choice when they want to try this hairstyle. 

You will find many reviews of the bob style lace front wigs if you search the related words from google. Some beauties will put on the reviews on the youtube channel. Eva Williams is one of the web celebrities who are regular users of wigs. She will share the reviews of Nadula 13x4 lace front bob wig with all of us. Let’s see what did she said:

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   Reviews Of 13x4 Bob Style Lace Front Wigs 

“Hey again. Welcome back to my channel. As you guys can tell from the height of this video. I'm going to be running away from Nadula hair. This is the hair and how it looks installed all that. This is a bob, a lace front bob. It's going to be very much natural bobs. So, basically is the box and all that stuff says Nadula on the back. It shows you guys how to take care of the hair and all of that."

"Basically what comes in the box is a bob lace front wig. Oh. It comes with a lot of wig caps, a wig cap, an edge brush, and a baggie, and another brush, and a mirror, and a clip that just says girls on it. Before I get into the video stuff, this lace front bob wig human hair is a 13x4, this 13x4 lace frontal wig is 14 inches. All right, I think I remember it is 14 inches to my calculations in my brain."

"This wig did not come pre-bleach, but it did come free plucked. I didn't have to do anything to this lace front bob cut wig. You can see I didn't do any edges on it. I feel like this makes it look really natural. so I'm gonna hush and just go ahead and get into the video."

"Okay, guys. So this is how the hair turned out and all that stuff. I am really really loving it. Very easy to straight it. It's giving me a very natural vibes. I said I didn't do any edges on it. So it's giving me very flowy natural light. It's coming out of my scalp bobs. I really love this bob lace front wig. Make sure you guys check out the Nadula hair and link down below. If you guys enjoyed this video, give it a big thumbs up. If you're new to my channel, make sure you thread subscribe down below and I'll see you guys in the next video. Bye."

Reviews Of Other Buyers

All of the above are the real reviews of Nadula bob cut lace front wigs. Not only Eva Williams, but many other buyers also like lace front wig bob style. And they have given their reviews of this product. Here we collected some examples below:

I never thought I could wear a bob, let alone with a middle part...once again Nadula has shown me the light. I got this one in 12 in and I am absolutely ecstatic about this wig. Pure sophistication!!!

REVIEW BY S******D / (POSTED ON 11/7/2020)

I am in love with this hair! super soft & tangle-free.

REVIEW BY D******N / (POSTED ON 11/6/2020)

I just received my wig today it looks great and customer service was nice and helpful!

REVIEW BY N******T / (POSTED ON 10/20/2020)

I love bob style lace front wigs. The hair is soft and doesn’t shed a lot.

REVIEW BY N******H / (POSTED ON 10/16/2020)

The human lace front bob wigs are very beautiful can be reused multiple times. Shipping and delivery excellent 3-5 business days. Great customer service!

REVIEW BY / (POSTED ON 10/8/2020)

YALLLLL this hair is EVERYTHING the only thing for me is it’s thin but that was because I ordered 130 density other than that perfect so I will most definitely be getting more hair here!!!

REVIEW BY K******Y / (POSTED ON 9/26/2020)

I absolutely love the lace front wigs bob style. It’s soft, easy to pluck and bleach. Highly recommend.

REVIEW BY K******Y / (POSTED ON 8/26/2020)