Brazilian Loose Wave Virgin Hair are my favorite because they look like your hair is naturally so effortlessly pretty and tousled. It's sort of an art to make your hair look not overdone when it comes to curling hair. Loose wave hair has well-defined waves, giving you a more bouncy look. It is very versatile and can be worn curly or straightened with a flat iron. The last thing you want is prom looking curls when you are just going to work or school. Hehe!

 nadula's customer--Hehe

I ordered my unit 9/20/16 at 11:35 PM EST. It shipped the next day 9/21 and it arrived 2/23/16 today at 9:04AM EST !!! 2 day speedy shipping here to the U.S.A.

So about the brazilian virgin hair , it is beautiful. If I could give 10 stars I would! This hair is perfect. I lovvveee it!!! I ordered 12 inch frontal 12,14,16 in bundles. I don't know what smell the other reviewers are talking about but my hair had just the typical "new weave smell" lol.  I co-washed the bundles and bleached and washed the frontal. The frontal bleached flawlessly ladies!!! This is my first time bleaching hair, it was easy! I followed all instructions from the Nadula Hair (type in "Nadula how to make a wig with frontal" into YouTube and subscribe!). Bundles are extremely thick, Frontal is great in density & Maintains its original curl pattern. Honestly the best hair I've worked with. No shedding, no excessive dryness after multiple attempts of bleaching & takes to color beautifully!  

brazilian loose wave review

I have got a teeny tiny bit of shedding in the frontal when I combed it while it was dry but I believe only because of how tight the curls are but no more after that. I haven't installed it yet because it's air drying but here are some pictures. Will be Bk with more once installed :) I'm geekd y'all! lol!

This is my honest opinion and I will take pics and put on my Instagram page. Will update my feedback when I do.

Plus, BRAZILIAN LOOSE WAVE VIRGIN HAIR is well-defined waves, giving you a more bouncy look! I love it.

loose wave review