So far, you've probably only heard of Balayage and Ombre, but what you don't know is that Sombre hair is also one of the most popular hair coloring techniques these days. Some people prefer Sombre hair to Ombre hair, so if you're curious about Sombrer hair, keep on reading!

What is Sombre hair?

Sombre is a hair coloring technique that dyes hair in a gradual fashion. It uses shades from light to dark, from root to tip, giving hair a natural and subtle effect. This technique is ideal for women who want to change their appearance without being radical. Whether you have fair or dark skin or long or short hair, any woman can have Sombre hair. Sombre works even better on virgin hair. Virgin hair is more likely to set color and avoid stains. Ombre hair
Although it is often confused with Ombre hair, Sombre hair is a more refined version of it. It softens the contrast between natural hair color and hair dye to give it a natural hair color. Balayage
Balayage, Ombre, and Sombre are often compared, but there are some key differences between the three.
Balayage is a free coloring technique that blends your root color with the rest of your hair, concentrating its saturation from mid-length hair to the tips. Balayage also leaves more negative space between colors, creating a lot of dimensions. In contrast, Ombre hair colors are a trend to create sharp, purposeful contrast between two tones, while Sombre hair colors gradually lighten from roots to ends for a natural, composed effect.

What is Sombre hair?

How to do Sombre hair for black women?

Sombre hair is best done by a salon professional. But it can also be made by yourself at home and has the same effect. To do this, you need to be careful not to let the dye sit on your hair for too long so it doesn't damage it. Just follow these steps to get Sombre for your hair.

1. Part your hair

You can draw a straight line through your hair and divide it into four sections: the top, two sides, and the back.

2. Mix your hair dye

Prepare dye or a solution with the bleach powder you will use on Sombre hair. Whatever method you use, the mixture must be even and not too liquid or thick.

3. Start applying dye to your hair with a brush

Use a brush to evenly apply the dye to your hair, using braiding techniques to get more streaks. Always walk from the tips of your hair to the top of your head.

4. Be patient

Leave the product in your hair for a few minutes. Check each section often so that the hair is not too light. Remember that Sombre hair usually has a darker tone. When the stripes have reached the color you want, it's time to rinse your hair. Wash with warm or cold water until the product is completely gone.

5. Wash your hair

After washing your hair for the first time, apply conditioner. Then apply a hair moisturizing mask and leave it on for 20 minutes. Wash your hair again until the product is gone. Blow-dry your hair as usual. If you use a hair dryer or iron to dry your hair, remember to use a heat protection product. Once you're done, apply a repair to the ends of your hair.

What are the best Sombre hair ideas?

Are you ready to try Sombre hair for yourself? Here are five of the hottest Sombre hair colors for 2023 to choose from.

1. Golden Sombre hair

Do you want to be a golden girl? Golden Sombre hair is super durable at any age, let alone on most skin tones.

2. Coffee Sombre hair

Like a splash of cream in a fragrant black coffee, this coffee's Sombre hair leaves us wanting something more! Warm coffee colors are a must when the weather starts to get cold, otherwise, how can you stay in a sunny mood?

3. Milk chocolate Sombre hair

What snack is as beloved as a milk chocolate bar? You can also choose the milk chocolate Sombre hair. Mixing light brown notes into your hair, give it a three-dimensional look without the upkeep of blondes.

4. Blue-black Sombre hair

Do you want to spice up your black hair? Choose blue-black Sombre hair. Your colorist will add a hint of dark blue to the color of your black hair to create plenty of depth.

5. Mauve Sombre hair

This is your chance to get a touch of fashion without going overboard. To achieve a whimsical lilac, your colorist will need to combine purple and pink to create a vibrant and three-dimensional shade of cool or warm. The mauve Sombre hair will meet your flavor.


Now that you've probably seen the Sombre trend, get in touch with your stylist.