Today, the fashion of hairstyles has attracted more and more attention, and the original black hair color has long been unable to meet people's needs for hair fashion. So people are experimenting with various hair color techniques to get more interesting and playful hair colors. And ombre hair color is one of them. Today we want to introduce this color and how to do ombre hair at home. If you are interested in ombre hair then keep reading.

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What Is Ombre Hair?

To know what ombre hair is, we should know the meaning of the word “ombre”. It originates from the French word “ombré”, which means “shade” or “shadow.” Ombre hair refers to the dip-dyed effect of the hair in a seamless gradient from darkest to lightest. This is a dramatic and two-tone hair color effect. The roots are darker, they usually use your natural hair color, and the ends lightened with hair increments are lighter. Of course, you can also use a variety of colors you like, such as red ombre hair, blue ombre hair, pink ombre hair, etc.

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Are Ombré And Balayage The Same Thing?

Maybe some people often get the ombre hair and balayage hair mixed up. According to the fellow picture, you can know their basic difference. Balayage hair refers to a lightening technique that involves lightening the face-framing pieces of the hair, the ends, and the top outer-facing layer. While ombre refers to a seamless gradient from darkest to lightest. If you don’t know how to describe it, you can show the picture to your stylist.

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What Is Balayage?

Is It Easy To Ombre Your Own Hair?

If you want a bolder color, you need an extra step of bleaching the hair, and only in this way can the more vivid color appear. If you want the color more mundane, like brown, then you can skip the bleaching process and just apply the dye.

In fact, this is not a very difficult step, but it will take you a long time to complete. In addition, it should be noted that African American girls have special hair textures. To protect our original hair and get the best hair look, it is a better choice to use a wig to do ombre hair.

How To Do Ombre Hair?

The whole process can be divided into three main steps, do preparations, bleach the wig, and dye the wig. The followings are the specific steps.

Do Some Preparations

1. Choose the ombre color

Before starting your dyeing process, you need to choose the color you want. We recommend choosing some colors that are similar to your wig color, take natural black as an example, usually light brown, red, or blond is more suitable. Choose a color two shades lighter than your wig color for a softer and more natural change. Also, remember to choose mild or all-natural dyes that are less damaging to your hair. Then let us start to do ombre hair.

2. Decide where to stop the fade

This is also an extremely important step. The closer you get to the ends of your hair, the more secure and natural your ombre will look; If you stop the fade near the hair root, it will look like rooted hair, rather than naturally beautiful ombre hair. In addition, the ombre is more suitable for long wigs, the longer the hair, the more space for the ombre color. In general, the jawline is a good choice as the dividing line between two color contrasts.

3. Brush your hair

Comb your hair well to remove any tangles from the wig. This step will not only make applying bleach easier but also help you ensure even hair color. 

4. Put on an old T-shirt and gloves

To avoid getting bleach or dye onto your clothes, wear an old T-shirt or put on a smock. And the gloves can prevent your hands from being damage by chemical hair dyes.

Bleach Your Wig

1. Mix the bleach

The easiest and cheapest at-home bleach method is to use equal parts of 20 volumes of peroxide and powdered bleach. Mix 2oz each of the 20-volume peroxide and powder until they are completely combined into a creamy mixture.

2. Divide the wig

Divide your wig into left and right sections along the middle line, then divide each section into at least four sections and pin them in place. If your wig has a higher density, you can divide it into more parts. After that, comb the hair where you want to need to do the ombre area, and tease up the hair around the area where you want the ombre to begin, which will help prevent a stark line or line of demarcation where you applied the bleach.

3. Begin bleaching your hair

Use an applicator brush to apply the bleach to your wig. Start at the ends of the hair and work your way up until you reach the decided fade line, you need to apply vertically in this process to avoid a sharp dividing line. Apply the bleaches on all the sectioned strands step by step. Remember to make sure the bleach on both sides starts at about the same spot.

4. Leave the bleaches and rinse them out

Leave the bleach on the wig for 10-45 minutes. You can check the color after 10-20 minutes. Remove the bleach from a small strand of hair, if you like the color then wash off all the bleach; if you want a lighter color then leave them on longer. Afterward, rinse off all bleach with lukewarm water and wash your wig with a wig-specific shampoo. You have to get all the bleach out or your hair will continue to shine. Then dry it.

Color Your Wig

1. Section the wig again

Divide the wig like you section the wig the first time, and tie them with elastic bands or hair clips to make your dying job a bit easier.

2. Prepare your color

Follow the instructions and prepare your dye and put on your gloves.

3. Color your wig

Use a small brush to apply the dye in a vertical direction to all of your bleached hair. Make sure to apply all the hair you want to dye to avoid a jarring faded blond. Then add a second coat of dye near the ends of the hair.

4. Leave the dyes for a while and wash them out

Allow the dye to stay on your hair for some time, according to your dye instructions, no more than ten minutes is recommended. Then put on gloves and wash off the color with lukewarm water, again with your wig-exclusive shampoo, remember to use conditioner to add moisture to your wig.

5. Dry and style your wig

After the bleaching and dyeing process, we recommend you dry the wig naturally to protect it from heat damage. You can style your ombre wig after it is dry completely.


Ombre hair gets many different styles in girls’ favor. We mainly introduce the steps about how to do ombre hair with your wig. If you think the process is complicated, you can purchase some ombre wigs according to your preferences. Now, it is time to join the ombre hair trend.