The skunk stripe hairstyle was a hairstyle that evolved in popularity in the early 90s and has recently made a comeback. Skunk stripe hair is a whole new hair color, this hairstyle is very creative and eye-catching, and it can be changed according to your fashion taste. If you like to browse fashion information on the Internet, you will find that many celebrities and social media influencers are showing off skunk-striped hair. Influenced by iconography and fashion trends, this hairstyle has also been loved by fans everywhere, and skunk-striped hair has now become mainstream.

The skunk stripe hairstyle looks bold and unique, and it is very flattering. If you are interested in this hairstyle or want to explore more creative hairstyles, this is the right place. This blog will bring you more information and detailed tutorials about skunk stripe hairstyles, and you can also see real reviews from many customers and influencers so that you can have a deeper understanding of this unique hairstyle.

1. The Origin of the Skunk Stripe Hairstyle

The original inspiration for this hairstyle was the skunk. When you see a skunk, you'll be drawn to the cute black and white two-tone style, and you'll understand how the skunk stripe hair got its name. Skunk stripe hair is a combination of two contrasting colors, which can be a mix of jet black and platinum blonde. It can also be a light blonde, white or gray streak, which contrasts nicely with a darker base color like black or brown. In addition to the above color combinations, you also have more hair color trends to choose from, such as lime green and black, pink and blue, red and black, or orange and brown. A colorist can also give you more color suggestions. The skunk stripes on the sides of the face can be a great way to frame the face and contour, sometimes with a center parting, placed prominently on either side of the hairline, and sometimes with a side part, placed on top of the hair, the bottom layer or a mix of the two colors.

2. How to Bleach Skunk Stripe at Home?

If you want to try creative and chic skunk stripe hair, then you can get your wig ready and bleach your skunk stripe hair at home. Below you can see a detailed tutorial on bleaching skunk stripes.

This skunk-striped hairstyle tutorial comes from influencer Shornell Stacey. She tried out a skunk stripe and very much loves it! Next, let's see how did she do.

The unit that I'm using is from the Nadula hair, this is their body wave wig in 24 inches. First, I'm just going to section off the area that I'll be bleaching, so I left a little bit of hair above my ears and a little bit of hair up to the middle part, so I've just taken a section sort of in between that to bleach my hair. I'm going to be using 40 volume developer and some bleaching powder, and I'm just going to thoroughly coat this entire section, so I am going to be working that bleach all the way up to the roots as well because I don't want any rooting at the top, I want it to be blonde straight. So I'm working in sections because I do want to make sure that every single strand gets coated evenly, so I'm just going slowly section by section, just applying a thick layer of bleach making sure that I comb it through evenly and distribute that product because you don't want any patches, we want it to be all one color. A little tip is to make sure to use cling film or foil or something to protect the rest of the hair around this section because you don't want the bleach to touch any of the other pieces of hair. Next, I let that sit on for about 20 minutes and then I washed it off and blow it dry.

Finally I decided to go back in and bleach it again. This is what the hair is looking like. After the first round of bleaching, it's a nice color but it's just not light enough for what I want, so I'm gonna go back in again. so I use the same mixture of 40 volume developer and some bleaching powder. I'm going to go for round two this time, I'm actually starting from the top of the section, just because last time I started from the bottom and I just figured to even out the bleaching process. I'm just going to work in reverse this time around and again, just make sure that you've got the rest of your hair protected so that the bleach doesn't sit on top of those strands. Make sure that each section is evenly coated by going through with a fine-tooth comb, and make sure the product is distributed properly. this is what the hair looks like I did.This wig came pre-plucked and it was absolutely beautiful. The bleached skunk stripe hair is done, next, I just need to install the wig. Leave a little hair in the middle part because I want something like black to cover up the skunk stripes, I don't want it to go straight down the middle part, it's just my preference, but you can decide where you put your skunk tresses.

3. Customer Reviews of Skunk Stripe Human Hair Wigs

This is an awesome 20 inches 99J wig with bright pops of red, and that just screams the fall to me just like this. For those of you who like parting space, this is gonna be the perfect one for you. This wave pattern is a loose wave which means you will not get to touch the darn curling iron, this is gonna be a winner. Here is Nadula hair, it is in my top three favorite human hair companies. I do think that this red is a nice change of pace the hair is really really soft of course. No curling iron is needed, I didn't have to do anything to it and it comes with gorgeous and beautiful curls. You all know a lot of my human hair, a lot of them are from Nadula, because the quality of the hair is just so nice. I definitely recommend this one.

spicy red skunk stripe wig

Oh my God, it is much better than I expected. The price is okay, and the hair is very soft, with no shedding, the price is pretty good, and it is very suitable for autumn styling. It was shipped the same day as the order was placed, and the shipping time was ok. Very comfortable to wear, overall I'm satisfied. -@S****

Very beautiful full hair. The hair weft is thick..which means less shedding. It's soft and true to will not be disappointed. color is vibrant, everyone including my husband loves it!! -@Q***g

Lovely soft hair, the lace is a perfect light color, the cap is fit nicely, great price and beautiful wig, lovely seller, good communication. I love it. I give 5 stars because of the good quality and communication from customer service. -@N****

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