Skunk stripe hair is a kind of highlight hair dyeing technique that has highlight color on either side of the forehead, sometimes a single stripe behind one ear or two face-frame stripes, or make a block on the top as you desire. Its name originated from its bold contrast colors which just look like a cute skunk.

Skunk stripe is a bold hair trend that is so popular nowadays. Many girls are changing their hairstyles constantly as it can give different looks in a short time. And a wig is the best choice for changing hairstyles in several minutes. While, when you do not want to spend money on a skunk stripe wig but you want to it, how? Dyeing your wig in your hand is the only way to satisfy you. Then, follow us to get details of how to dye a skunk stripe on a wig at home.  

how to dye a skunk stripe on a wig at home?  

Dyeing hair seems like a job that must be done by a stylist, but now, we can do it easily at home with no fuss. As long as all the tools and materials are ready, just follow the steps, and you can get a skunk stripe wig very soon.

Choose the right Hair Dye

Before starting this work, we need to choose the right hair dye. If your wig is made of human hair and has not been bleached or dyed before, we recommend using a light color like blonde, ginger, or light brown to get a good result. If your wig is colored or dyed before, you can bleach it first and then choose a light hair dye to get a good look.

Skunk stripe color ideas

For dark brown/black hair:

  • Red shades
  • Blue shades
  • Purple shades
  • Silver

For dark blonde/light brown hair:

  • Pink shades
  • Pastel shades
  • Copper

For light blonde/white hair:

  • Black shades
  • Green shades
  • Blue shades

Things need to be prepared:

  • Hair Dye: Choose a light color dye that you prefer. Hair dye is the main product so try to buy it with good quality.
  • CombA comb is necessary that you will need to neatly section off the piece of hair you wish to dye for your skunk stripe.
  • GlovesGloves can prevent your hands from damaging the chemical dye.
  •  Towel: To prevent hair dye from making unwanted contact with your skin or clothes, grab a towel for your shoulders, just in case.
  • Long tail tint brush: You can apply dye straight from the applicator to your hair, but a tint brush will help you coat your strands more evenly.
  • Water:  You need to wash the wig after it was dyed.

Steps To Do Skunk Stripes at home

  •  Prepare the wig: Comb it and make it no-tangle. If it is not clean, it doesnt matter. Dying unwashed hair is the best option because the build-up of natural oils on your hair will protect your scalp from irritation. 
  • Mix dye: Put on the gloves and follow the directions on the box dye of your choice. 
  • Section off. The magic of the skunk stripe is in the positioning, so make sure you section off the part you wish to dye using a nice, neat parting. You can do a single stripe, bangs, or even the nape of your neck. 
  • Apply: You can apply the dye going from tips to roots using the tip on the applicator bottle or your long-tail tint brush. Follow the processing directions on your box dye. 
  • Wash It: Near the end. Wash the wig and remove the loose color, in In order not to dirty your collar.
  • Style. Your skunk stripe wig is complete! After you’ve thoroughly conditioned and moisturized your hair, you can now style. Try a slick and sleek ponytail or voluminous ‘fro to really show off your stripe. 

How long does skunk stripe hair last?

We can not tell a fixed time that the skunk strips hair last. It depends on the method you used to achieve it. For example, If you used hair dye, it will last longer – anywhere from a few weeks to a few months. If you used hair chalk, it will likely only last until you wash your hair.

How to do a skunk stripe without using hair dye or bleach?

If you don’t want to use hair dye or bleach, there are still some ways that you can get the look.

1. Hair Extension

 tape in hair extension is a quick way to get a skunk stripe wig. You can buy these in any color you want, so they’re a great way to get this hairstyle without having to dye your own.

2. Hair chalking

One option is to use colored hair chalk or crayons. This is a great way to experiment with different colors without having to make a permanent commitment.

Simply take a piece of chalk and color in the section of hair where you want your stripe to be. They work best underneath your own hair for a peekaboo look.


Skunk stripe is a cool and bold trend that most girls love in 2022. Above all is everything you need to know about how to get a skunk stripe wig at home and the related things you want to know. And you can visit the skunk stripe wigs reviews collection if you want to buy skunk stripe wigs online.