I'm a worker at Nadula Hair Company. We have made all kinds of virgin human hair since 2003. Many people who have bought from us ask me this question: Can I perm my Brazilian hair weave? Can I perm my body wave Indian Hair? Now, I will tell you about this question.

What is hair weave?

The hair weave is divided into two kinds, Synthetic hair weave, and real hair(human hair) weave. Synthetic hair weave is not the hair, in fact, it is made of synthetic fiber which looks like hair, it's cheap and can't use for a long time. Most of all, it can't be permed, dyed, or treated with electric products. So the products we usually use are real human hair weave, the raw materials come from different countries, Like Brazil, Peru, India, Malaysia and etc.

Nadula's human hair weave is made of 100% human hair which is cut from one donator, so customers recognize our quality worldwide. Especially for African American women.

Body Wave Closure

 Can human hair weaves be permed?

The answer is YES. You can be permed, dyed, and bleached anyway. But remember that all of the electric treatments with hair will cause varying degrees of damage. So you need to be careful with maintaining it before perming and after perming it.

How to perm your human hair weave?

First, you need to deep clean the human hair weave with shampoo. Either cool or warm water is ok. Wash it gently but do not rub it vigorously to avoid shedding. Then put it in the air to dry it naturally.

Second, put some protective agent before perming it. This is an important process that can protect your hair and perm good results. Then you can perm with an electric iron. If your human hair weave is curly, you can straighten it with a flat iron. If your hair weave is straight, you can curl it with a curling iron.

Finally, remember to spray some nutritional agent on your hair which can let your hair look shiny and beautiful. You should wash and maintain it regularly to prolong the lifespan of the hair weave, and also can save money for you to buy the next one. Why not go ahead with it?

Of course, you can go to a salon to ask for help if you are busy or can not perm by yourself. A stylist will be more professional to make your hair beautiful.

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