Highlight wigs are a kind of upgraded wigs, they show two-tones that one is colored on several strands hair, usually in the front. Like a blonde highlight wig, it is one of the leading colored wigs in the market and welcomed by most of the consumers. 

Highlight wig is common for women who are ready to update their look. After all, nothing builds confidence more than having a fresh hairstyle. But, if you do not want to buy a new highlight lace front wig at a high price, you can highlight your old wig by yourself at home. Before trying this small project, there are a few things you should know.

highlight wigs

About Highlight Wigs-Things You Need To Know

1. Older Wigs Are Different From Your Natural Hair

Natural hair growing on your head can withstand highlights because it is constantly growing, and your scalp makes oils that run through it all the time. Wigs, however, are not connected to your head so the strands do not have the benefit of being replenished by natural oils. Essentially, they begin to deteriorate as soon as you begin to wear them. If you are trying to add coloring agents to a wig that has been deteriorating over time you may end up with uneven color, a color that doesn’t take, or even fried broken off hair. 

2. Preserving The Wig

All of the highlight wigs can last a long time if you took care of them properly. However, highlighting a wig is bleaching the hair, and it is never good to process hair that has been exposed to the elements and washed consistently since it dries the strands out. 

3. Know What You Want

Before starting to highlight your wig, you must clear about your options and told the professional wig expert who can do it in a way that preserves the beauty of the strands. It is better to start with a new wig to avoid adding damage to already-worn out hair. This way, you will have a fresh, updated look, and you can always use your older wig as a spare.

After knowing the matters needing attention, now we will talk about the subject of this post, how do you put highlights on a human hair lace wig. (Click here to check the current price for human hair front lace wigs)

highlight human hair wig

How do you highlight a human hair wig?   

If your wigs are made of real human hair, you can keep reading to learn more. But if they are synthetic wigs, just give up this idea as they can not be dyed and bleached at all. Just follow these steps to highlight a real hair wig:

Tip 1:Generally speaking, we do not recommend bleaching your wig. We will suggest visiting your local hair salon if your wig is dark or black. Human hair wigs are generally very processed so another process will simply minimize the wear.

Tip 2: If you want to customize your highlights or color blends, we suggest that you get a wig in the lightest highlight color you are looking for. Comb in semi-permanent hair color to create the highlights without the damage. For added “depth”, try combing in 2 or more separate colors.

Tip 3: Wash and try again if you don’t like it. Since the color will wash out, let the wig soak for a longer period when washing and your “canvas” will be ready all over again!

Tip 4: Perfect your highlighting method. Once you find the perfect color blends and amount of highlights, you can continue to experiment with other colors, more or fewer highlights, etc. The sky is the limit!

Tip 5: When coloring a human hair lace wig, you must be careful and make sure that not to get the color on the lace, especially if the color is very dark or a colored “rinse”. The last thing you need is a beautiful lace wig with a burgundy tinted lace.

Tip 6: The human hair blended wig is not suitable for coloring. So you should not attempt to highlight it. Because the synthetic hair will not take well with chemicals and even a rinse will not properly “stain” the hair. 

After reading the content, someone will say that highlight lace front wigs will take a long time, and we do not ensure that we can do it very well, Maybe can not achieving satisfactory results. Ok, just buy a new one! It can be used interchangeably with your old wigs. Why not? Just browse what we are showing you that is highly recommended by the users:

Recommended 1: Blonde highlight wig

This TL4/12 two-tones lace wig is one of the top-selling highlight lace front wigs now. It is made of 100 virgin human hair, full and thick with layered ends, 12-20 inch length is available. Beautiful blonde highlighted Human Lace front wig is more stunning than a single color, slightly bleached knots to make the knots less detectable, which is a method of making the hair appear as if it is growing from the scalp. A lot of orders were placed as soon as the product was on the shelf.

blonde highlight wig



HAIR LENGTH: 12-24 Inch

CAP SIZE : Average Size (Head circumference:54cm-58cm )

LACE COLOR: Swiss brown lace


HAIR QUALITY: 100% virgin hair, tangle-free, no shedding, soft & bouncy.

CHARACTERISTICS: Natural Root-to-Tip hair only Can Be Ironed, Bleached & Dyed 

Recommended 2: Blonde highlight Bob Wig

This mixed colored blonde highlights wig is hot-selling now. It was made od unprocessed Brazilian virgin human hair, full cuticle aligned, can be dyed, permed, highlighted, curled, or styled like your natural hair. The natural hairline and baby hair resemble real common 150% density together with high just choosing you to like, the deep lace parting space, you can do a natural part, half up half down hairstyles

Blonde highlight Bob Wig



HAIR LENGTH: 8-14 Inch

CAP SIZE: Average Size (Head circumference:54cm-58cm )

LACE COLOR: Swiss brown lace


HAIR QUALITY: 100% virgin hair, tangle-free, no shedding, soft & bouncy

Recommended 3: Highlight burgundy bob wig

This burgundy lace front wig is made of 13x4 inch lace cap and real Remy human hair. It also can be bleached, curled, and styled as you like. The wine red highlight color will make you shinning and out of the ordinary. And this mixed color wig is suitable for hot summer or winter. Just try it to get a perfect visual enjoyment now.

highlight burgundy bob wig


HAIR COLOR: #Highlight Color

HAIR LENGTH: 8-24 Inch

CAP SIZE: Average Size (Head circumference:54cm-58cm )

LACE COLOR: Swiss brown lace


HAIR QUALITY: 100% virgin hair, tangle-free, no shedding, soft & bouncy.

Nadula supplies versatile highlighted human hair lace wig, mixed color long or short bob wig, straight, wavy and curly to satisfy different requirements. Feel free to contact us to learn more about the products you want before placing the orders.