For a wig wearer, especially for the wearers of lace wigs, it is difficult and time-wasting to remove a wig so most of them prefer keeping them rather than taking off a wig before sleeping. But you have ever heard that wearing with a wig will reduce the lifespan due to the friction between hair and your pillow? Then based on the paradox, there is a very common question: sleeping in a wig is OK? We are going to share our advice on sleeping in a wig and tips to keep your wig protected.

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Do You Take a Wig Off Every Night?

Some women wear human hair wigs either to get a different look or hide their bad hair conditions. Some of them choose to take their wig off each night, whereas others prefer to take their wig off every few days. However, the process of removing a glued lace wig is complicated. Many girls tend to wear it overnight. But actually, we recommend that you should take off it after a period of time so that your scalp and natural hair can breathe and relax, as well as give your wig proper condition.

Can You Sleep In a Lace Front Wig?

Of course it is OK. As we mentioned in the first part, you don’t have to take off your wig every night. You are definitely alone that sleep in a lace front wig. But you need to know that some basic protection is necessary, there is a possibility that frequent habits of sleeping with it will contribute to its shorter lifespan. Never keep wearing the wig for over six weeks, or you will take the risk of hair loss and itchy scalp, and it will also force the wig to deal with frizziness, tangles, and dryness.

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How Do You Sleep In a Wig At Night?

To help protect your wig to prolong its lifespan as possible, here are some easy steps for you to sleep without taking your wig off.

1. Pull Your Wig Back Into A Ponytail

Before sleeping, just pull your wig back into a ponytail. You don’t even have to put it in a bun. This is just trying to create minimal work in the morning. Then go ahead and pull it back behind your ears, making sure everything is nice and flat.

2. Tie A Scarf Around Your Hairline

I highly recommend that you tie down the perimeter of your installation every single night. Every time you wash your hair, you want that to be tied down because if not, there is a huge chance that it might move it and might get messed up. This is the key to keeping your installation flat and flawless. You can use a scarf purchased from a beauty supply store. It is better to choose a longer scarf that can wrap around your whole head. A soft cotton or satin scarf will slide against your hair and prevent any snags.

Throw the scarf on your head around your hairline and tie it. Then pull on and cross it like overlapping it and tying shoelaces. Next, bring it back to the front and make a knot. You can decide whether to have your ears out according to your daily habits.

3. Sleep On a Satin Pillow

Prepare a satin pillow and sleep on your side. We recommend satin over cotton pillows because cotton absorbs moisture. And if you are sleeping, especially just with hair in general, you don’t want your pillow taking all the moisture out of your hair extensions or your real hair. Therefore, to play it safe, get yourself a satin pillowcase and you can just sleep with your wig.

4. Turn You Wig Natural In The Next Morning

First, take your scarf off and remove the ponytail. And prepare mousse and a toothbrush. Grab a water bottle and lightly spray it down to add moisture to your wig. Then run your fingers through it to drag the water down to the hair ends. If it’s a curly wig, add some mousse which will help to define the curls.

5. Deal with your hairline

Get your handy toothbrush. Go back in and reshape those edges and baby hair to where you want them to lay. Go head and take that same head scarf and tie your hair back down for about 5 minutes, and then take your scarf down. After all the steps, everything will be nice and molded. You can go in around the hairline with some powder.

curly bob wigs


In a word, you can sleep in a wig, but had better take off and wash it after a week to keep it fresh and beautiful. Of course, you can adjust the frequency according to your needs. And we also shared the method about how to sleep with your wig at night. If you have some good ideas, welcome to share them with us.