Are you struggling with how to care for your curly hair? Are you still thinking about which hair care products are best for you? Today we will introduce the famous Cardi B hair maskyou’ve seen all over TikTok, including the ingredients, how to make it, and how to use it properly so that you can make your own at home.

What Is Cardi B Hair Mask”?

Cardi B took to Instagram to document her iconic DIY hair mask that she religiously uses on her and Kulturebut. Although the snap disappears after twenty-four hours, fans online have been keen to mix up their own batch of the Cardi hair mask. Cardi hair mask recipe based on avocado is all about deeply moisturizing and nourishing your hair. She uses fatty, nutrient-rich natural ingredients to nourish her hair with vitamins, fats, and minerals needed for growth, softness, and shine. If you missed it before and are interested in Cardi Bs hair mask recipe.

How To Make Cardi B’s Avocado Hair Mask?

Its a good hair mask to help your hair growanything thats good for your body you can put in your hair,” she told the Instagram followers. Here we will list the ingredients you will need and show you how to make Cardi B mask for hair.

hair mask recipe

Cardi B hair mask ingredients: 2 avocados, 2 eggs, argan-oil, mayonnaise, honey, black, castor oil, olive oil, and banana

1. Start with avocado

Firstly mash up an avocado and add a spoon of argan oil. Then take a massive scoop of mayonnaise and dollop it into the bowl, add a tiny bit of honey and mix well.

2. Add an egg and oil

Crack an egg into the mixture and make sure there is no shell falling in the mixture. Then take your castor oil and pour a decent amount in before adding a touch of olive oil. Next, mash up the second avocado so that it can blend with the mixture easily to form a smooth solution.

3. Add a banana and an egg

Now its time to add a mashed-up banana and the other egg. Finally, all the rest to do is blend the mix and have the finished product. If you have a blender, the process will be easier. You can add all the ingredients, and the blender will mix them up in a shorter time and more evenly.

How To Use Cardi B Avocado Hair Mask?

If you have researched these added ingredients, you will find every Cardi B hair mask ingredient provides special benefits for hair. This is some good stuff to help nourish, moisturize, smooth, strengthen, and grow your hair! Besides, some of the natural ingredients, for example, honey and olive oil, have been shown to switch dormant hair follicles back into the growth stage for faster hair growth. 

1. Use it after washing your hair

The best time to apply your DIY hair mask is right after shampooing. You dont need to apply other conditioners to your shampooed hair, just apply your hair mask directly so that your clean hair can receive the natural nutrients from the hair mask. Cardi’s videos showed her applying the freshly-made hair mask to daughter Kulture’s wet, clean hair for the best absorption and curl definition.

2. Wear a shower cap

After applying the hair mask on your hair, wear a plastic shower cap or plastic wrap to cover all your hair, which will help the nutrients penetrate and soft your hair better. Many girls are curious about how long to leave Cardi B hair mask on. Actually, as your hair conditioner, just leave it on for about 20 minutes and let it work its magic.

3. Rinse out the hair mask

When rinsing out the hair mask, start with lukewarm water and finish with cold water to seal the cuticle on each hair for more shine and softness.

This natural hair mask is rich in thick, creamy, oily, and rich ingredients which are great for your natural hair. However, It is because of the thick texture that this hair mask is more difficult to rinse out completely than a regular conditioner. You should take at least 3 minutes to rinse it off thoroughly, but if you have long or thick hair, it may take closer to 5 minutes.  

4. Usage frequency

If your hair is extremely dry or damaged hair, you can use it 3 times a week. Generally, using it once or twice a week is enough. As your hair gets better, you can gradually reduce the frequency of use to maintain the health of your hair. Such as once a week to two weeks.


If you want to improve the health of your hair, Cardi B homemade hair mask can make your hair softer and shinier. Besides, it is easy to make and put on, if you are interested in it, just make it at home!