Brown and black women have naturally curly hair, but they can not get long. So many women choose to wear Brazilian hair weaves, like installing the curly Brazilian Remy hair weave with closure, or hair wigs to make their hair longer. For natural hair and hair weaves, all need to be taken care of, especially in dry winter. Here we are sharing the care guide for naturally curly hair in winter, hope it will help you.

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1. Deep Condition Every Two Weeks

Deep conditioning helps the ingredients beneficial to the health of your naturally curly hair deeply penetrate the hair shaft and promote growth, moisture, and luster. Section by section, choose some curly method-approved products and distribute your deep conditioner from the roots to the ends, leaving it for about 20 minutes. you can fortify your hair with nutrients, moisture, and protein if you are not protein sensitive. Of course, you can go to the hair salon or just do it by yourself. But for sew-in hair weave, the deep condition is not needed, just spaying the moisturizing hair care solution is enough.

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Product choosing: Of course, you can buy the shampoo and conditioner for fine curly hair from the drugstore or supermarket. But ensure that the products are the well -known brand and do not include any harmful chemicals. Fortifying your hair with nutrients, moisture, and protein if you are not protein sensitive,

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2. Open Up With Steam Treatments

Steam treatment is necessary during the deep condition process. Do a steam treatment to open the hair follicles so the ingredients can successfully penetrate the shaft. Not only is the treatment great for your locks, but it's also very relaxing.Sit under the hair steamer for approximately 20 minutes to enjoy the time. Of course, you can steam your hair in the shower before rinsing your deep conditioner with cool water to close the follicles if you don't have a steamer.

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3. Sleep In Satin

Sleeping with curly hair on a cotton pillowcase will damage your natural hair, causing unwanted breakage. If you're not retaining length, that could be one reason. Instead, sleep in a satin bonnet or on a satin pillowcase every night to prevent friction, frizz, and dryness. This will also keep your hair looking fresh throughout the week.

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4. Eat Healthy And Drink More Water

Food and water are very important for hair health. Be sure to eat well-balanced meals with plenty of fruits and vegetables. Your curly hair will benefit from the vitamins and nutrients increasing growth, promoting shine, and keeping them moisturized and healthy. Also, drink tons of water! Eight 8-ounce glasses of water are sufficient, but a little more wouldn't hurt either. If you're in the mood for a sweeter drink, stay away from the sodas and grab a fresh juice or smoothie.

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5. Make A Protective Hairstyle

Protective hairs are great winter hairstyles for black natural hair. Because it is always a good idea for keeping hair ends up and out of the way, they work well in winter for protecting your hair from weather damage. There are many different protective hairstyles for winter hair care, such as goddess locs, micro box braids, straight-backs, and faux locs. You can choose the style whatever you like.

Hair Weaves Or Hair Wigs This Winter?

In fact, you can wear human hair weaves or wigs to protect your own hair against the dry cold weather in winter. You can change any hairstyle by wearing real human hair weaves. Like, sew in bundles of Brazilian hair.

Advantages of Hair Weaves

1. Less cost: You only need to pay for the cheap Brazilian hair bundles or wigs from the Brazilian hair suppliers when they are promoting the hair.

2. Versatile: You can change your hairstyle at any time depending on your mood.No long-term commitment to a style is required. You can still take care of your actual hair really well without having to deal with added hair.

How To Buy The Quality Human Hair Weave From The Internet?

There is much cheap Brazilian hair for sale online. But it is not the truth that cheap is not good. You can buy cheap hair products of good quality.

First You need to confirm the hair brand is well known by consumers or your friends. There may be many brands. By choosing them, then you can get about three Brazilian hair vendors.

Then to compare the price of the human hair and see the details of the customer reviews from the customers. Choose the best price and the good feedback supplier.

Last, you can make an order or sample order to check the cheap Brazilian virgin hair quality. Click here to check how to identify the quality of virgin hair.