Of all the modern techniques for getting the ideal texture, crimped hair is completely the edgiest and most glamorous! In recent years, we're seeing a resurgence of beauty trends from the 80s crimped hair, and crimped hair is one of the most popular, giving great volume and texture to straight hair. Keep reading and I'll share how to create the look of 80s crimped hair.

how to create the look of 80s crimped hair

What is crimped hair?

Crimped hair 80s involves using a hair crimper to curl relatively straight or straightened hair into a zigzag shape to create a wavy texture. Unlike truly loose curls and waves, crimped hair provides a purposeful uniform wave pattern. Depending on your hair type, you can also achieve crimped hair with overnight braids, which is especially important if you prefer to stay out of the heat.

What is crimped hair?

How to style crimped hair?

In fact, creating crimped hair at home is not a difficult task. It can easily be achieved overnight, or with a quick blow dry. Keep reading to learn how to master the crimped hair method with this super easy tutorial.

1. Brush your straight hair

At the beginning, using a smooth brush, untangle any knots in your hair so you have a perfectly smooth surface before you start using the hair crimper. This will ensure that the hair crimper doesn't get caught in the knots. In addition, brushing your hair after applying a heat protectant is a good way to make sure the product is evenly distributed. Remember to start at the ends and work your way down the length, ending at the roots to minimize pulling.

2. Part your hair

Just like styling crimped hair or straightening your hair, the best way to achieve the 80s crimped hair is to divide your hair into sections, which allows you to be more precise and ensures that you don't miss any sections. Divide your hair into top and bottom sections, and then divide each section into left and right sides. Use clips or hair rings to keep out any hair you don't need to deal with.

3. Get your hair crimper ready

Whatever crimping hair tool you choose, plug it in and set it on its lowest setting, enabling you to shape your hair without having to do it more than once. Typically, the thinner your hair is, the lower setting you can use, while if you have thicker hair, you may need to use the higher setting.

4. Change your batten pattern

Divide the four sections of your hair into smaller sections to create definite crimped hair. Secondly, using your crimping hair tool, clip the plate of the crimp hair iron horizontally into your hair, press the crimping hair tool down, and hold it there for five to ten seconds. Make sure not to place the crimper hair tool in exactly the same position as all the sections, as this will create the same waves on your head. On the contrary, change the position of each section slightly to make the waves different and give you a more patchwork, relaxing style. To make sure your crimped hair looks good day or night, use a thin layer of hairspray to hold it in place.

5 hottest crimped hairstyles you must try 2022-2023

The crimped hair can be sexy, stylish, or even chic, try the 80s crimped hair makeover trend to get back in style.

hottest crimped hairstyles you must try 2022-2023

1. Crimped hair waves

Crimped hair waves, also known as Mermaid waves, crimped hair waves are a stunning style choice for summer. Sexy, feminine, and suitable for all face shapes, these crimped hair waves will give you a beach vibe and have a glossy look.

2. Crimped hair half up half down lob

Give your lob hair a super cute twist with the crimped hair. The crimped hair half up half down lob is perfect for a casual date or brunch, and it gives you fuller, bouncy hair while still flattering your face.

3. Crimped hair bob

The bob is one of the most classic and timeless hairstyles. While it's special and low maintenance, the shorter length can make the bob less flexible in styling. However, crimped hair is an ideal way to add personality and glamour to your short hair. A crimped hair bob will be a fashionable style if you like short hair.

4. Big crimped hair

For an eye-catching hairstyle, you can try the big crimped hair. Inspired by the crimped hair 80s, it's the ideal look for red carpet events, vintage parties, or large soirees.

5. Crimped hair ponytail

One of the trendiest ways to embrace crimped hair is the crimped hair ponytail. This style plays with contrast, leaving the front super-smooth while the ponytail is curled and highlighted. While the classic look involves creating a low-crimped hair ponytail, you can adjust the style with a high ponytail to suit the shape of your face.