In a society where the trend is fast changing, there are more and more styles of wigs to choose from. Wave wigs are popular with many people. Deep wave wigs and water wave wigs have similar curly patterns, and maybe you think that there is almost no visual difference between water waves and deep waves. But with a keen eye, you can easily tell the difference between the two. After knowing the difference between them, you can be more sure which style you prefer. Today we are going to discuss deep wave wigs and water wave wigs.

What Is Deep Wave Hair?

Deep wave hair is a popular kind of virgin human hair that is known for blending well with ethnic natural hair textures. The deep wave hair texture has smooth, beautiful, and tight waves. With plenty of body and tight “almost-curls,” the deep wave wigs offer an even and attractive feel.

The Features Of Deep Wave Wigs

Deep wave hair is a popular hair that is known for blending well with ethnic natural hair textures. The deep wave hair texture has smooth, beautiful, and tight waves. With plenty of body and tight “almost-curls,” the deep wave wigs offer an even and attractive feel.

1. Made of 100% virgin human hair, making the most natural look.

2. They are allowed to be dyed, bleached, and permed according to the result you like.

3. Durable. They can last for more than one year if taken care of properly.

4. Healthy and looks shiny and bouncy.

5. All curls are in one direction creating a neat look.

6. Easy to maintain: It requires little maintenance and once you wash it, you can simply rejuvenate the waves with your fingers. Your hair will also look voluminous, which is a great advantage.

What Is Water Wave Hair?

Water wave hair is a hairstyle that combines waves and curls. It is very smooth and creates an irregular natural look that flows like water. Water wave hair has a wave design that is progressively articulated because of the waves being woven nearer together. With a texture that resembles waves on the water, this wig can create the chic and sexy look girls dream of.

The Features Of Water Wave Wigs

1. Made out of 100% human hair. They will not shed or tangle and can be blended with your own hair.

2. High quality. The hair wig is soft, thick, and lustrous enough.

3. Holds curl well, lasts up to 12 months, is not being processed, and can be permed.

4. The curls are not in one direction but opposite directions.

5. Easy to maintain. The wig can hold its hairstyle for a long time.

6. Versatile. This type of hair is multipurpose. It is easy to style and dye too. Moreover, you can also create any style you wish.

Difference Between Deep Wave And Water Wave

Based on the basic introduction to deep wave wigs and water wave wigs, I believe you have also discovered that these two wigs do have a lot in common. So what is the difference between them? Please follow this section.

1. The Curls Direction

All curls of deep wave wigs are in one direction, while water wave wigs’ curls are in opposite directions. Deep wave wigs are more for a neat and regular hair look, while water wave wigs are more for a messy and natural look.

2. Volume

Because of the direction of the curl, water wave wigs give them more volume as compared to deep wave hair which is relatively flatter than water wave hair.

3. Hair Look

This is the biggest difference between water wave hair and deep wave hair. If you want a messy and natural look, water wave wigs are more suitable; while if you want a sweet and romantic look, picking a water wave wig is a better choice.

Deep Wave Vs Water Wave, Which One To Choose?

Actually, there are many similarities between wigs deep wave hair and wigs water wave hair, for instance, low maintenance, high quality, versatility, and price. No matter which one you choose, that is a good option. But if you are confused about which one is more suitable for you, here are some tips as a reference.

1. Choose the look you like. They have different curl patterns so you can choose the look you prefer.

2. Choose according to the volume. Water wave wigs look more voluminous than deep wave wigs. If you want more fluffy hair, a water wave is better; if you want a flattering hairstyle, then a deep wave wig is more suitable.

Where To Get High-quality Water Wave And Deep Wave Wigs

High-quality guarantee of a natural look and long lifespan. Therefore, choosing a high-quality water wave or deep wave human hair wig is essential. Nadula provides different kinds of water wave wigs and deep wave wigs made out of 100% human hair. Here are some hot-selling water wave and deep wave human hair wigs recommended for you.

1. Water Wave Wigs Half Wig With Headband

A headband wig is very suitable for summer. You can put on it in the morning and take off it at night to relax. Besides, it is more affordable than lace wigs. If you are searching for cheap water wave wigs, then headband water wave wigs are good options.

2. Short Lace Front Wigs Water Wave

This is a short water wave wig, whose length ranges from 10 to 14 inches. If you are a short hair lover, then this is very suitable for you. Short hair also brings more convenient management in the summer.

3. Deep Wave Lace Front Wigs

Lace wigs can give the most natural hair look because the lace can mimic the real scalp so that you can do a free-part hairstyle. We offer medium and long lengths for you, you can decide to purchase a long or short deep wave wig according to your preference.

4. Loose Deep Wave Wigs

This is a loose deep wave wig that has bigger curls. And the wig cap is a glueless design, which means you can get it at a lower price than a lace wig. The hair is bouncy, sleek, and tangle-free. The quality can be guaranteed.


water wave wigs and deep wave wigs are both chic and sexy, and they have similar prices and quality. Whatever you choose, they can highlight your charm and beauty. Hope you can find your favorable hairstyle and be the most fascinating yourself.