When it comes to updating your hairstyle, face framing highlights are always not a bad idea. Not only are they relatively low maintenance, but they're also inexpensive, and with so many shades and finishes, you'll find something for every face shape, skin tone, and hair color. Don't know what is the highlight of the face shape? Read on for everything you need to know about this trend.

face framing highlights

What are face framing highlights?

There are many ways to draw attention to your favorite facial features. Hairstyle and hair color, makeup, jewelry, and top clothing all play a role in framing the face. It's just a matter of deciding how to put it all together to make the best presentation. With stylish face framing highlights, it is the fastest and most foolproof way to emphasize your best assets.
Face framing highlights are strategically placed wisps of light-colored hair in front of your hair to help highlight your face. Because face highlights take up only a small portion of your hair, they are perfect for salon colorists and people looking for quick and subtle ways to change their look. Chunky face framing highlights you cannot miss!

stylish face framing highlights

How to get face framing highlights?

If you're interested in trying this hairstyle on yourself, I highly recommend making an appointment at a salon. You would better don't make the fashionable face framing highlights by yourself. A professional colorist will know exactly how to lighten your hair or, in some cases, add a pop of color for perfect placement based on your face shape. They can also achieve the colors according to your preference with minimal damage.

How much does the face framing highlights cost? In fact, the cost of face framing highlights is lower than the cost of full-length traditional highlights, but the price of the service depends on the location of your salon, the highlights technique used, and the length of your hair. A consultation with your colorist is the best way to determine the cost. As you know, subtle face framing highlights on dark hair are highly cost-effective. How to get face framing highlights?
In general, face framing highlights should follow the natural part of your hair. After your colorist gets to know your hair, they'll create sections of your hair based on how thick, thin, and mixed you want the highlights to be. Smaller strands weave a natural look, while thicker sections create a bolder hair framing effect. Dark hair face framing highlights and blonde face framing highlights are the best way to shape your face.

5 most beautiful ideas of face framing highlights

Face framing highlights can brighten your eyes and skin tone. This is a quick beauty makeover that any woman can try for a new look, and is ideal for anyone looking for a quick and unobtrusive way to change their style, picking whatever color you want, as well as the location you want, and enjoying a style that perfectly suits your face shape.

1. Brown hair with dark blonde face framing

Chunky honey-blonde highlights that flow along the sides of the face are a creative way to draw attention to the eyes and mouth area. The almond brown base was upgraded to blonde, which seemed to sparkle under the lights. Brown hair with dark blonde face framing will be the best choice for light skin.

2. Curtain bangs with blonde chunky face framing highlights

You can try blonde chunky face framing highlights with curtain bangs if you have a round face. These two shades are very easy to work with and look gorgeous on thin, layered hair. Highlight with curtain bangs has been a popular hairstyle since the 1990s, especially among young people who often accentuate their hair with blonde tones. However, there are now many different shades to choose from, such as pink, grey, orange, and many others colors. By the way, dark hair face framing highlights is eternal classical.

3. Face framing caramel highlights

If you've thought about going blonde but aren't ready for the promise of bottled blonde, opt for caramel highlights. They will instantly brighten your face while comfortably venturing into the blonde world, and the money piece subtle face framing highlights on dark hair will be a good choice.

4. White blonde chunky face framing highlights

On platinum hair, the face framing highlights black hair giving it a feminine punk attitude. For the ultimate rock chic look, pair platinum with dark brown or black hair.

5. Face framing rainbow highlights

When we wonder about highlights, blonde hair immediately comes to mind, but you can use any color of hair to achieve amazing face framing highlights. Why don't you look at the faces with face framing rainbow highlights? Pair them with your natural hair color for a fun pop of color, or choose an all-around fantasy hue for a stunning final look.


One of the best parts about face framing highlights is that they are completely customizable! Hurry up and choose any color you like and revel in the unique look of your face shape. How about blonde Balayage with face framing highlights?