When we talk about Indian virgin hair, it means real Indian hair. It is lustrous and thick, making it more flexible and durable than other hair. It has a beautiful texture and naturally dark color, so it works well for weaving hair applications.

Brazilian, Peruvian, Malaysian, and Indian hair extensions

The raw virgin Indian hair can be styled to achieve any look you want while the hair maintains its natural beauty and lasts for a very long time. Everyone deserves long-lasting beautiful hair, that's why we take our time in selecting the finest balayage Indian hair! Now, let's go on talking about all about the Indian virgin hair.

Brazilian, Peruvian, Malaysian, and Indian hair extensions

Key factors to consider when choosing hair extensions

What Are Indian Hair Weave And Bundles?

There are many types of weaving Indian hair in the human hair market. Usually, the type of hair used in weaving hair extensions method is "weft hair", we also call it Indian hair weave. Hair "weft" pieces are made by sewing hair together on the root side of the hair and keeping it freely hanging on the tip side, making it look like a hair curtain. And then cut the hair curtain into hair bundles. So we also call the hair weft as virgin Indian hair bundles. Hair wefts are made either by hand (Hand Tied Weft) or by using specialized sewing machines (Machine Weft).

Key factors to consider when choosing hair extensions What Are Indian Hair Weave And Bundles?

Hand-tied wefts are thinner but have limitations because they cannot be cut without unraveling and falling apart of the hair at the cut ends. Hence, for hand-tied wefts, the cut ends need to be sealed by applying glue. On the other hand machine, wefts are a bit thicker, but since its stitches are highly reinforced, the weft can be cut at any place without unraveling. Typically, it is stylists who prefer one weft over the other. As far as consumers are concerned, both types of wefts can give them the desired look and result.

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What Are The Benefits Of Virgin Indian Hair Bundles?

1. Blends well with your own hair

Virgin Indian hair is perfectly fused with your hair. Having pure hair is the dream of every stylist. Pure hair doesn't contain any chemicals, colors, or even discoloration, so virgin Indian hair is natural. Indian hair stays soft and unique, so you can easily use a curling iron or a heated iron to do whatever you want with your hair.

2. Unique

Indian hair provides a unique look and feel for users. If you're tired of your hair color, you're lucky because Indian hair has many different colors. You can rest assured that because of its high quality and natural appearance. Indian hair is inexpensive and you can easily pay for it.

3. Instant volume

Indian hair is the quickest and simple way to increase hair, if you choose to clip, you don't even need to often go to a salon, because you can make your own stylist, at home and try different looks. Aside from the flattering volume, Indian hair has an impressive length. This makes women with thinning hair an ideal choice.

4. Different types of flexibility

Indian hair has many shades of black and brown. In addition, you can also find your choice of hair, whether you want to be smooth, smooth, or carefree, curly. This versatile hairstyle soon became popular among women around the world, who dreaming of black hair.

Which Indian Hair Store has Cheap Indian Hair Bundles?

When you are willing to purchase high quality but cheap Indian hair bundles from internet shops, you will find there are so many online shops that claim they have raw Indian hair bundles or extensions. However, we can not confirm whether it is before we check it. How can we buy the most cost-effective virgin Indian hair at a cheap price? How can we decide on the most reliable hair supplier?

How To Check Virgin Indian Hair?

First, check their customer reviews on the products page, or Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, and so on. Try to find the live customer review or customer share for the hair company you want to cooperate with. For Nadula hair, you can check it on the customer review page or the products page, all the reviews are real feedback of our customers from all over the world. And also, you can check Nadula Youtube channel to learn more about us.

Second, check if the payment method is secure. Some fake companies may cheat your money, but not deliver your hair. If a website can take only one specified payment method, this is wired. You need to do more research on the website. And this is very important.

Third, learn more about the company in other ways. For example, enter their company name on Google to learn this brand. There will be more about it from the forum or other websites. You can also check their certification on the internet.

Last, if you have learned enough about this company, try to contact them to buy a sample to check the quality. Ask them to fire a piece of hair to tell if the hair is real human or synthetic. (The simplest method of identifying real hair or synthetic hair) You could check if the hair is tangled, or shedding or not.

With all the steps you will know which company is reliable and just compare the price. But remember that, price is not everything. We advise you not to choose the cheapest no matter what you will buy online. Because: Nothing for nothing and every little for a halfpenny.