If you are a metallic person, copper is a good choice. Including copper brown, copper red, golden copper color, and so on. The golden copper hair color is a beautiful, unique, warm shade. Are you tired of plain old hair colors? There's no denying that golden copper is the hair color of the season, maybe even the year, read on to find out how to get it.

What is golden copper hair?

Firstly, copper hair color is a less vibrant red with a golden undertone like bronze and gold. It belongs to the warmer side of the red hue because its base colors include yellow, orange, and gold. Golden copper hair, however, is a faint copper red that blends with lighter baby lights to create a warm hair color that resembles rose gold. Like strawberry blonde, golden copper hair blends shades of red and gold for a sparkly effect that instantly brightens the complexion.

How to get golden copper hair?

In fact, there are two ways you can get golden copper hair. The first is to go to the hairdresser or get your hair dyed at home and start the bronzer trend. Next is to buy a wig of gold copper color directly, no matter which method you choose to obtain gold copper color hair, care is essential.

• Tips to care for golden copper hair

Like all red hair colors, golden copper hair needs an up-to-date hair care routine, and below, I'll share 3 easy ways to get the most out of your beautiful new hair color.

1. Use a cleaning system for colored-treated hair

When you dye your hair, you'll need gentle hair products to protect your golden copper hair color, and if you notice signs of bronzing in your hair, use a purple shampoo and conditioner to neutralize unwanted yellow and orange tones.

2. Don't let your hair stay wet for a long time

Keeping your colors bright isn't just achieved through the products you use. Lower the water temperature while shampooing and give your hair some love. In addition, scalding hot water strips essential oils from your hair, leaving it feeling dry and looking dull. Rinse with warm or cool water, not hot water.

3. Avoid thermal styling

Not only can thermal styling cause damage like forks and breaks, but it may also cause your colors to fade. Be sure to use a heat protectant. If you want to maintain the new golden copper color, it is important to use a harmonious gloss, which can keep the color fresh.

Does Golden Copper Hair Color look best on dark skin?

Not every hair color is suitable for every skin tone or even undertone. People with dark skin look shiny, while people with fairer skin look drab. Even those with the same skin tone but a different undertone need to update their tone choices to complement their skin tone. If you have a dark complexion, then the copper hair color will definitely suit you. The copper hair color with gold will lighten the skin and make you look darker. For those with lighter skin tones, opt for brighter, redder tones, which create a beautiful contrast with the skin and help pull out the skin's natural rose color.

Best copper hair color for dark skin tones

Copper hair can flatter every skin tone, as they can adjust the final look based on your current hair tone and undertone. Here are some of the best copper shades for dark skin.

1. Dark copper hair color

Copper is warm, vivid, and exciting. It should livelier your complexion and bring new energy to your skin and eyebrows. As its name suggests, dark copper hair is a richer, darker version of its true copper counterpart. When styled with flipped ends, this hue is sure to elevate you to the status of a fox.

2. Copper brown hair color

The copper brown hair color, also known as cherry chocolate, is just as delicious as it sounds. Look for the right shade of copper hair, just as you would for red lipstick. It works best for copper-brown, medium, or neutral skin tones. If you like an eye-catching look, this hue is for you. It is best paired with gloss to enhance its dimension.

3. Copper hair color with highlights

Many women would be wary of dyeing their full hair if they had never tried it before. To ease the transition, accessorize your hair with copper highlights. They will help add depth and dimension to all levels of brown hair. Second, you can also try money pieces. As a modern version of the facial highlights popular in the 90s, money pieces is a light-colored around your face that can brighten your skin tone and accentuate your facial features.


If you want a soft, summery hue that has a positive glow all year round, don't miss out on romantic copper, especially gold copper, come and try it!