Jenna Ortega debuted the new "wolf cut" on the global gold red carpet, and it's a super fun, funky hairstyle featuring a shoulder-length brown bob, layered cut, slightly tousled short wavy shape with figure eight bangs, looks very chic. The entire hairstyle looks smooth and shiny, not messy. Popular on TikTok for its resemblance to the iconic 'shaggy' hairstyle of the '70s.

wolf cut hairstyle

1. About Jenna Ortega

Jenna Ortega is pretty much a household name right now as her self-choreographed dance and creepy-yet-adorable performance in the Netflix original series went viral quickly across the internet. People all over the world have imitated it. The popularity of this dance has no age barriers. Various creative and funny imitated dances and coveted Gothic styles have spread wildly on various online platforms such as Tik Tok and YouTube. And for her beloved role as Wednesday Addams in the 2022 Netflix original series, she was honored at the 2023 Golden Globes with a nomination for Best TV Actress in a Musical/Comedy.

Ortega is the daughter of mixed Mexican and Puerto Rican descent. She made it clear to the audience that she was proud of her heritage and grateful for the opportunity to share her culture with the world. Jenna Ortega is extremely creative, thoughtful, purposeful, talented, and extremely hard-working. Very early on Jenna began to gain insight into herself and her purpose in the world. At the age of six, Jenna began to show interest in acting, and the whole family was very supportive. When she was eight years old, she decided to be an actress. At the age of nine, her mother began to make her mark by uploading a video of Jenna Ortega performing a solo script reading on Facebook, which caught the attention of her agency. She's been in showbiz since she made her television debut as a guest star on the CBS sitcom "Rob" at the age of 10. She has also appeared on other shows such as "CSI: NY" and "Rake", where she impressed audiences with her performances as a young child. Ortega received critical acclaim for her performance in the teen drama "Fallout," and went on to star in 2022's horror flicks "Scream" and "X." Moreover, the horror fantasy drama "Wednesday" that will be launched on Netflix in the winter of 2022 has brought a lot of surprises to everyone. Her superb performance and cute and magical dance in the drama have caused quite a stir.

Wednesday Addams

2. Jenna Ortega's wolf haircut is also popular all over the Internet

Jenna Ortega's hairstyle can also make fashion waves. Recently, she showed off her new wolf-cut hairstyle on the global golden red carpet. Its fashionable and classic hairstyle brings old Hollywood charm to the global golden red carpet. It's almost rare to see Jenna Ortega with short hair, and this is her first appearance with a short hairstyle. Ditching her long locks for a super fun, funky, gothic cut, Jenna Ortega not only wowed audiences but also contributed to the resurgence of the wolf haircut.

wolf haircut

Jenna Ortega also showed off her neo-gothic style on "The Tonight Show with Jimmy." She just let the pictures speak for themselves, with no captions, and the post garnered 3 million likes in an hour. For this new hairstyle, we must mention her hairstylist David Stanwell. David cuts her hair to just above shoulder length. For the body of the cut, David added some volume to Jenna, making the style what the pros call a "shaggy wolf cut." Not only that, but he also gave her bangs a subtle comb. "We took a little risk, but I believe it's good to have fun and try new things by tweaking things a little here and there," says David Stanwell, celebrity hairstylist for the Golden Globes look. "We didn't want it to be too rigid or fixed," adds Stanwell.

Shoulder length, perfect cut, layered cut, ombre curtain bangs, messy textured bob, all of these make for Jenna's goth style, this hairstyle is just the right length, look It looks directional and cool, and it perfectly frames Ortega's high cheekbones, adding a rock 'n' roll vibe to the look. If you're thinking of a new look, try this wolf haircut.

3. Conclusion

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