Are you in the mood for a change? Want to get a new hairstyle? If you're a hair-fashion follower, you'll find that there is one hairstyle that's currently gaining great popularity on social media. It draws everyone's attention thanks to its wild and casual look that has become the coolest hairstyle of the year. It's a wolf cut.

Today we are going to help you get a complete overview of the wolf cut hairstyle through this blog. If you are interested in this hairstyle, just follow us.

What Is A Wolf Cut?

The wolf haircut is a mix between a vintage shag and a slight mullet. It's a modern take on the 70's shag and the 80's mullet. The back of the wolf cut hairstyle is longer and the top part is shorter, which helps add volume to the hair.

One of the most important features of this hairstyle is its layered and messy feel. The overall shape looks very edgy, giving people a very messy and rocky temperament, and it's been most notably worn by celebrities like Miley Cyrus, Billie Eilish, and Keke Palmer.


Should I Get a Wolf Cut?

If you need to add volume to your hair, a wolf cut is a good choice. And this hairstyle is suitable for any hair length. Short or long wolf cut hair, straight or curly hair wolf cut, you can get different wolf cut hairstyles.

Another thing you need to be aware of is that this hairstyle looks messier and more unique than regular curly and straight hair, so it will look cooler and is a great way to spice up your look.

Therefore, if you are someone who likes or wants to try cool hairstyles, you should try it out; If you don't enjoy hair that moves and has a more "lived-in attitude," this may not be the cut for you. Actually, it is all up to you.  

How To Style a Wolf Cut?

This part aims to tell you how to give yourself a wolf cut at home. You can try to follow the steps and make it by yourself, which is definitely the most affordable. If you cant handle it, ask help from a salon, they will give you perfect wolf cut hair.  


1. Separate your hair into two sections

Separate your hair into the front and the back two parts along the line of the back ear to ear. Then you need to comb your hair to remove the tangles and make it smooth.

2. Curl the back part

Your straightener can not curl all the back hair once, so you should curl it layer by layer. Use a rubber band or a hair clip to fix all the back hair except the part you are going to curl.

Take a strand of hair and curl it with a straightener. Put your straightener at the place far from the hair roots and release it at the end. For this strand, you should curl it outwards. And then curl the next section inwards so that the curls will bounce off of each other and not create one big curl. You don't have to create perfect curls because you want them to look messy and effortless.

Then just repeat the curling process until all the back part of the hair is finished. If you want more volume, take smaller sections to curl once; and if you want no volume, just take bigger sections.

3. Curl the front hair

The steps of curling the front hair are the same as the back hair. The hair near your face should be curled outwards, which can show your beautiful face.

4. Make curtain bangs

The key to the Wolf Cut is to frame the face with a cascading fringe. To achieve this, go for curtain bangs as they look flattering on every face shape. If you have naturally tame or straight hair and plan to leave it as is, make sure the fringe length falls just around or below the eyebrow length around the middle. If you want wavy curtain bangs, make sure that you leave longer hair for the fringe.   

Wolf Cut Hairstyle Ideas

After finishing all above the steps, you will get a wolf cut hairstyle. Actually, you can rock half cut hairstyle according to your preferences. Here are some wolf cut hairstyle ideas to give you more inspiration.

1. Short wolf cut hair

If you are a lover of short hair, you can try a short wolf cut. Short wolf cut looks cooler than long. Besides, it is easier to style and condition.


2. Medium wavy wolf cut hair

Medium-length wolf cut hairstyles are the most popular choice, and wavy shapes can help to shape your face. The combination of medium hair and wolf cut is the trend you cant miss.


3. Curly wolf cut

Do you think wolf cut tail hair is more suitable for straight hair or wavy hair? Please break this stereotype! It definitely works with curly hair too. And curly hair is able to add hair more volume visually. So please try it!

4. Colorful wolf cut

Colored hair always looks special and bold, and a colorful wolf cut hairstyle is definitely one of the great ways to create your unique style. You can of course choose more common colors, it depends on your own preference.


 5. Long and highlight wolf cut hairstyle

Long hair is more convenient to create more hairstyles than short hair. You can decide to style it into curly, wavy, or straight hair. Another advantage of this wolf cut hairstyle is the highlights. The colored part and the black hair are in contrast to make it look more attractive.



Wolf cut is receiving more and more attention and love, I am sure you have definitely seen wolf cut girls on TikTok. If you want to try a cool hairstyle, wolf cut is definitely the best choice in 2022. If you have some other ideas about wolf cut hair, welcome to share them with us in the comment section.