Winter is upon us, as a beautiful fashion lover, the cold winter certainly cannot hinder our pursuit of beauty, so some popular winter hairstyles which help you keep pretty at any occasions are particularly important at this cold winter. With the series of ideas, you will slay your winter outfits. Compared to a cool wearing summer, it has more constraints in winter for us. Therefore, we choose some winter hairstyle ideas not only providing convenience for you but also ensuring your charm.

1. Two High Half Up Ponytails

This is a very cute hairstyle. You dont have to spend much time on hairstyles in the morning. Just part your hair into the left and the right two sections, then fix the two strands of hair on the your wanting positions with rubber bands. You can choose the styles according to your preference, cute or cool rubber bands are up to you.


2. Two High Ponytails

The next one I want to recommend is the simplest double high ponytails hairstyle. This hairstyle is full of playfulness and looks very energetic, and gives people a youthful and sunny feeling in the cold winter. And it is very easy to make, you dont need to leave any hair, just divide all the hair into two sides and tie them up.


3. A High ponytail

High ponytails are very easy to make. Just comb your hair and remove the tangles, then gather all your hair and fix on the top of your head. Actually, you can adjust the position to get a proper height. This is a very versatile hairstyle, which will match perfectly with any outfits.


4. Long Straight Hair With a Hat

This style doesn’t need you to do any braids, what you need to do is to make sure your straight wig is sleek and smooth enough so that it will look more beautiful on you. Then put on a hat, such as a woolen hat, a beret, or any other hat you like. This is an extremely convenient hairstyle, you can go out at the fastest speed in the morning. Besides, it is also a perfect way to keep warm.


5. A High Bun

Whenever it comes to winter, our hair needs to face a problem unique to this season, which is static electricity. This often makes our loose hair become messy and look frizzy and rough. At this time, tie up your hair to avoid this problem easily. You can gather and tie all your hair at the top of your head. Then make your hair into a bun. This way your hair will no longer rub against your clothes, and the annoying static electricity will disappear.


 6. A High Braid Tail

This is also a good hairstyle to avoid the trouble of static electricity. No matter how long your hair is, you can tie them into a high braid, which is not only simple to make, but also give you a younger and more energetic look. At the same time, because all the hair is gathered, it will not be affected by static electricity caused by your sweaters and scarves. What a super winter hairstyle!


 7. A Low Ponytail With A Headband

A low ponytail as a winter formal hairstyle is easy to anyone. Just comb all your hair back to your neck and then use a rubber band to tie them up, then a low ponytail is finished. This is definitely the easiest hairstyle to tie. Then add a headband to the hairstyle to make it more attractive. What kind of headbands to choose is up to you.


8. Short Bob Hair

Short hair is also suitable for cold winter. Bob's hairstyle can modify the face shape very well. No matter what kind of face shape you are, it can fit very well. It can always meet the individual needs of different people. Besides, short hair is easier to clean and condition.


9. Hair Wraps

As we know, our hair gets more breakage in winter. If you want to protect your natural hair, hair wraps are good options. Hair wraps are a great low-maintenance option for covering up conditioning treatments when hair is begging for more moisture during winter months, while still keeping things festive and stylish.


 10. Curly Hair

Fluffy curly hair visually adds volume to your hair. This kind of hair always gives people a very warm feeling in winter. Long and full curly hair, whether it is matched with a coat, down jacket, or scarf, looks exceptionally harmonious.



As we jump into a new year, what is a better way to start 2022 off than with some incredible hair days? When you pay attention to keeping warm in winter, don't forget to stay beautiful. I hope you can find a hairstyle you like from the above. In this winter, you can still release your charm.