Fashion comes and goes, style goes on forever. To meet people's changing fashion needs, there are always new hair wigs for us. If you are also a lover of hair fashion, I believe new trendy hairstyles can always attract your attention. Recently, a new hairstyle——Chinese bang wig is popular with many girls. If you still know nothing about it, this blog will lead you to know it.

What Is a Chinese Bang Wig?

Firstly, we need to know the basic concept. A Chinese bang wig means a black and straight wig with bangs. As we can see, the Chinese have straight and black natural hair, this is why the wig is called the Chinese bang wig.

chinese bang wig1

Why Choose Chinese Bang Wig?

In this part, we will make a detailed description of why you can choose a Chinese bang wig for yourself.

1. Versatile

Chinese bang wigs are made of straight and black hair. Straight hair has a uniquely smooth and flat advantage, and its gloss is also an attractive point. While black is the most classic color. Therefore, a Chinese bang wig will suit your outfit and skin tone. It will never be wrong to get a straight and black hair wig.

2. Natural

This is a wig with bangs, which means that you dont have to show your hairline. It is difficult for many beginners to use glue and make their hairlines look natural. While you dont have to worry about how to make your hairline perfect.

3. Transform Your Look

Have you ever tried a hairstyle with bangs? If not, this wig is a good option for you. Bangs can help frame your face shape, which will highlight the features of your eyes and cheekbones. Besides, If you are not satisfied with your forehead or your forehead has some blemishes, it is a good way to cover your forehead and hide the skin blemishes to show a more perfect yourself.

4. Easy to Maintain

Some girls may think a wig with bangs is more difficult to care for. But actually, the bangs are fairly easy to upkeep. You can wash and condition it as usual. Things you need to do extra is to set your bangs with a straightener iron.  

What Kind of Chinese Bang Wigs to Choose?

We know that wigs are made out of different materials and have different lengths to choose from. Then which kind is better?

1. Chinese Bang Wigs Human Hair Wig VS Chinese Bang Synthetic Wig

Actually, most wigs in todays market are made out of human hair. Because human hair wigs are just like our own hair, they are more natural and softer and have higher qualities. More easy and convenient to restyle is also their unique advantage.

While synthetic wigs also have their own advantages. They can hold the hairstyle and color better. They can have deeper and more vibrant colors. Besides, they are more affordable than human hair wigs.

2. Short VS Long Chinese Bang Wig

Because Chinese bang wigs are all black and straight, their only difference is the length. Black straight hair with bangs will make you very cuter and younger. Many girls like short wigs because they can expel strength of character and confidence. Besides, it will take less time to style and condition a Chinese bang wig. For example, you can style your wig into a Chinese bang bob wig easily.

Long Chinese bang wigs can add a gentle and graceful sense to you. And long wigs are more versatile to restyle into different hairstyles. But they need you to spend more time conditioning and styling.

Every kind of wig has its own pros and cons. You can choose the wigs according to your requests and preferences.

How to Make a Chinese Bang Wig?

We have known that a Chinese bang wig refers to the black and straight wig with bangs. So actually only if have you a straight and black wig, you can try to make one by yourself. Because there will be a seam between your bangs and the rest hair, a lace frontal wig is better to make bangs.

Firstly, wear your black straight wig, then take a rat-tail comb to section some hair out. You can decide how much hair to leave for the bangs by yourself, thick and thin are both OK. Then use a hair iron to make the sectioned hair flat enough. Next, twist them together and cut them into a proper length. Remember dont cut them too short, you can leave a length to the position of your nose.  

Continue to use a hair iron to make your bangs flat and natural. Then you just need to trim them with a scissor into the shape and length that you like. After all the steps, you will get beautiful bangs. There is a video for you to help you get perfect bangs.


Today we mainly introduced something about Chinese bang wigs for you. Black and straight hair wigs will never get out of fashion, so if you are interested in it, you can have a try! Maybe you will find how cute and beautiful you are with bangs!