The pursuit of beauty seems to be the instinct of every girl, and it is also the right of every girl. That hairstyle is an important part of creating our beautiful appearance. Are you trying to find the black wigs that look real?

And regardless of the popular hair color of the season, you will find that black always is liked by all kinds of girls. When we choose a wig, the first thing to consider is its quality. We all hope to get a hair wig that looks real and natural. 

We all know that there are different materials to make wigs, such as synthetic wigs and human hair wigs. To make the wigs look real and natural enough, all the wigs Nadula provides for you are all made out of 100% human hair. Today we will recommend some black wigs that look real for you.

 1. 13x4 HD Lace Front Wigs Natural Black Body Wave Wigs

The first one we want to recommend to you is a classic body wave wig. Body wave is always a fashion hairstyle that you can see everywhere. In addition, the lace part of this wig is made of HD lace which is extremely transparent and invisible so that it can match your skin tone perfectly. Because of the big size of lace, you can do free-part according to your preference. Therefore, it is also a very versatile wig.

 2. 5x5 HD Swiss Lace Front Wigs Breathability Curly Wigs

If you like the hairstyle with small curls, this wig is a nice choice. Same as the first one, the lace part is also made of HD lace. The fluffy curls can also add volume to your hair and make your hair fuller. If you are looking for long black wigs that look real, the wigs can meet your requirements.

3. U Part Wig Kinky Straight Wigs

Compared with lace wigs, this wig is different. It is a U-part wig. There is a U-shape opening at the top of your head so that you can leave your own hair to make the wig more natural. There is no lace so you don’t need to use any glue. It is very convenient to install and take down.

The texture of the wig is kinky straight, which will look full and fluffy. Kinky straight hair wigs mimic the natural hair relaxed or straightened, which is the wigs that look real for black women.

4. Beginner Friendly V Part Wigs Glueless Jerry Curly Human Hair Wigs

This is another glueless wig. You can understand it as the upgrade version of the U part wig. The opening at the top is V-shaped.

When you put on the wig, you just need to fix it with the combs inside the cap. Besides, you can only choose to leave less or not to leave any hair, and it will still be natural. If you find there is not enough time for your hairstyle in the morning, then a V part wig is more suitable to choose from than a lace front wig. Therefore, it is extremely friendly for beginners.

And a Jerry curly hair wig is a good style to make your hair look fuller. You will get thick and fluffy hair with it. If you want to get a convenient and gorgeous hairstyle, why not try it?

5. Jerry Curly Wig Headband Wig Glueless Wig

Headband wigs are also glueless wigs so you can put them on easily and avoid glue allergy. Furthermore, you can wear different headbands to decorate the wig. And there are many different ways to style a headband wig. There are different styles in the following pictures. Of course, you can restyle it according to your preference.

6. 13x4 Lace Front High-quality Straight Human Hair Wigs

Above all are curl wigs, below we want to recommend are straight wigs that look real. Straight hair always looks smooth and lustrous. You will be very gorgeous and graceful with it.

A straight wig is very versatile, you can restyle it into various hairstyles. Our wigs are made out of 100% human hair, so only if it is conditioned carefully, you can curl and dye it as your own hair.

 7. Glueless Short Pix Cut Wigs

If you are looking for short black wigs that look real, this one may be a good choice. Actually, short wigs are easier to care for than long wigs. The length of this pixie wig is 6 inches. This wig has baby hair so you dont have to make it with your own hair. If you want to look cool or unique, a pixie wig can help you to create your unique fashion style.

 8. Body Wave Short Bob Wigs

Short body wave wigs can help frame your face. If you like body wave hair and think long hair is hard to condition, maybe you will like this wig. The bob style will make you very cute and beautiful.


Today we recommend 8 different black wigs that look real to you. You will never need to worry that black wigs will be out of fashion. So if you have fallen in love with a black wig, just purchase it. And a high-quality wig will last for a long time. Come on and pick your favorite black wigs.