Mushroom haircuts, also known as bowl cuts. It was very popular back in the 1960s and 1970s. However, today in the 21st century, it is popular again, if you like short hair and want to find a perfect short hairstyle, don't neglect the mushroom head haircut, it will make you the most fashionable girl in the second half of 2022.

bowl cuts

What is the mushroom haircut?

The mushroom head haircut, its other name is bowl cut, which is a hairstyle with short hair. The mushroom haircut features long hair at the top that is evenly cut into a circle on the crown, and most of the short hair at the back and sides, often with a bit of layering to create the signature overlay look. The mushroom head haircut is unlike any other hairstyle.

mushroom haircut

How to choose the mushroom haircut according to different face shapes?

One of the biggest obstacles to achieving the desired short hairstyle is the shape of the face. People with long or oval faces have been encouraged to enjoy all types of hairstyles, while those with round and square complexities should focus on longer hairstyles that mask the shape and width of their faces. Therefore, many people with square or round faces are reluctant to try short hairstyles such as mushroom head haircuts, but you can create a mushroom haircut that works best for your face shape.
For your reference, I have listed the different face shapes associated with different hairstyles. mushroom head haircut
Straight mushroom head haircut looks best on face shapes: Oval face, Diamond face, Round face, Square face, Heart face
Mushroom haircut with undercut looks best on face shapes: Long face, Heart face, Pear face, Diamond face
Curly mushroom haircuts look best on face shapes: Square face, Heart face, Pear face
Sharp mushroom haircut looks best on face shapes: Long face, Diamond face, Pear face
Mushroom head haircut with bangs looks best on face shapes: Long face, Square face, Round face

6 popular mushroom hairstyles for 2022

Are you ready for mushroom haircuts? It is a casual and stylish haircut, if you cannot sure what kind of mushroom head haircut is best for you, check out these ideas of the most popular mushroom hairstyles below.

1. Colorful mushroom haircut

Do you like colorful hair? Give your fresh mushroom haircut some depth and dimension by playing with beautiful colors! The colorful mushroom haircut must be your choice, you can add different colors of highlights to your hair, and these highlights add a lot of dimension to your mushroom head, making thinner strands look thicker and fuller.

2. Disconnected mushroom hair

Another stylish mushroom hairstyle, with a nice fade around the natural hairline, is a disconnected mushroom hairstyle that looks flawless.

3. Permed mushroom hair

Do you like curly hair? If you're considering adding a perm, if you already have naturally curly hair, or if your hair is thin, why don't you try the permed mushroom head haircut? Make sure the top half of your hair is long enough so that your curls can come to life while leaving the bottom half short and with shade.

4. Fine mushroom hair with fringes

If you have fine hair, you know how difficult it can be to find the right style. The good news is, you can find the most beautiful hairstyles here. A delicate mushroom head with a smooth fringe on the front, perfect for you with a fine hair texture. 

5. Tapered curly mushroom head haircut

Curls are the perfect complement to any mushroom head. They can completely change the shape of a hairstyle, increase volume, and give you the opportunity to show off different textures for your particular type of curl. Therefore, you can make a tapered curly mushroom head haircut for yourself.
Here, the length of the taper begins to shorten just above the ear to keep all the volume and curl concentrated at the top. This is a perfect mushroom head for people with round or square faces, as it visually elongates the face and keeps volume low on the sides.

6. Mushroom haircut cropped bangs

Move the mushroom head haircut in a sweeter direction by easily adding cropped bangs. These tiny bangs frame your face perfectly and keep your face open and bright! It's a great way to add to your face. This is a great way to add fringe to your mushroom head without overpowering the rest of your look.


These days, we can see mushroom haircuts on models walking down the catwalk, fashionable ladies on Instagram are going for them, and there are even plenty of actresses getting a mushroom haircut, so what are you waiting for?