To pursue fashion and beauty and fully demonstrate your charm and confidence, wigs have become an indispensable tool in people's lives. In addition to pursuing a natural and authentic appearance, more and more people are constantly trying new and bold hair colors to fully demonstrate their personality and make themselves more unique. 613 blonde wig is the best choice, it allows you to easily have fashionable hair color, and quickly attract people's attention. It is easier to make you the brightest presence at the dance or party.

613 wigs are definitely one of the most special and impressive hair colors for fashion girls. If you want to change your common black wig or want to know more about 613 wigs, this blog will provide you with more information and frequently asked questions about 613 wigs. After reading this article carefully, you will have a deeper understanding of 613 wigs and be deeply attracted by this color of hair.

1. What Is 613 Hair Color?

The hair color system has its own nomenclature, (i.e. 1.0 for black, 5.0 for light brown, 6.0 for dark blonde, 7.0 for medium blonde, and 10 for the lightest blonde). The number 613, sometimes referred to as "#613," actually refers to the blonde hair color code. 613 hair color named Blonde / Light Blonde, also known as snow white and baby blonde hair color, is an alternative to #60. 613 can be used with many other shades to create your desired color. The 613 hair color will make a woman feel more noticed and will add a stylish touch to her wardrobe.

human hair 613 blonde wigs

2. What Is 613 Blonde Wig?

When we refer to 613 wigs or 613 extensions, we are referring to wigs made from blond/light blond hair, which is the most popular shade of blond. This warm, sun-kissed blonde has alluring golden yellow undertones for extra warmth. 613 wigs are treated blonde wigs so they can be dyed to other colors without any bleaching procedures. 613 golden human hair wig is a high-end blonde wig that has been bleached and dyed, popular with many women. 613 Wigs are great high quality, permanent hair with gold accents. 613 wigs are additionally called 613 front lace wigs, which name comes from the color of the wig. Blonde 613 wigs are a kind of lace front wig, which utilizes 100% Swiss lace and human hair. Hair is extremely delicate, thick, and healthy, and maybe colored and pressed to your liking. At the most prestigious Nadula hair, monthly production of high-quality handmade human hair 613 blonde wigs are shipped and sold all over the world to help ladies get the blonde of their dreams natural without bleaching or dyeing hair strands.

Water Wave 613 Blond Wig

3. Was Choosing The 613 Blonde Wig The Right Decision?

Of course. The biggest advantage of 613 blonde hair is that it does not need to be bleached. Therefore, when many ladies dye their hair lighter, they tend to prefer this color of hair. The 613 frontal wig has a huge lace area which means you can part your hair in the front, so the style seems very flattering and there is a wide variety of styles and hairstyles to choose from.

613 Blond Color wig

4. How to Wear a 613 Blonde Wig?

Organize your hair first, fix your hair with rubber bands or braid your hair. Then put on the wig cap. Hats can protect your hair from damage. Then put the wig on the head, adjust the position, apply glue on the forehead, and dry it with a hair dryer for a while. Fix the lace in place and trim the corners of the lace to make the hairline of the wig look nice and normal. Finally, you can also use hot tools to change the curvature of the wig according to your own interests, and make changes according to your preferences to make the wig beautiful and elegant.

613 Blonde Short Bob Human Hair

5. Where Can I Buy High Quality 613 Wigs?

Nadula Hair has been selling premium 613 blonde human hair for 12 years. There are different lace wigs, hair bundles, lace closures, and front laces in Nadula Mall, as well as a variety of rich and fashionable styles and colors, and there are often many promotions so that everyone can buy high-quality and low-cost products.