613 Blonde wigs are usually one of the most popular and elegant human hairstyles. However, blonde hair is usually the most fragile shade. Improper maintenance of this wig can make it look dull, dry, brittle, or brassy. This blog will discuss the various methods and precautions you need to take to minimize damage while effectively caring for your 613 blonde wigs.

What Is 613 Blonde Hair?

613 Blonde Curly Hair

First, you need to understand what 613 blonde hair is. blonde hair is blonde or light yellow. It results from low brown true melanin, high black true melanin, and high brown melanin. Blondes look attractive, confident, and energetic.

A lighter hair color makes you look younger. Add some blonde highlights and try a honey color for your hair to give your complexion a youthful glow. 613 Blonde can also bring warmth to cold winter days.

613 Blonde wigs is a very hot selling product at Nadula Mall. Customers love its bright appearance, advanced style, high quality, and smooth texture. 613 blonde wigs are perfect for girls or women who like to stand out.

Blonde hair is classic, and most women dream of having long, healthy blonde hair. Next, we will give you the advantages of 613 blonde and how to maximize the life of 613 Blonde Wig. Keep your wig shiny at all times.

613 Advantages Of The Golden Wig

deep wave 613 blond wig

1. You Can Choose From A Variety Of Hair Colors

The most obvious advantage of the 613 blonde wigs is that it does not require bleaching. You can choose your favorite hair color based on this color. This is because the 613 hair has been bleached. It eliminates the bleaching process. So it is very convenient to dye your hair.

2. Diverse Appearance

The most obvious advantage of the 613 blonde wigs is that it does not require bleaching. Because 613 hair has been bleached. It eliminates the bleaching process. So it's easy to dye your hair. 613 blonde allows you to dye and perm your hair to any color and style you like.

With 613 wigs, you can get a lot of possibilities. You can experiment with different styles. With endless possibilities, a blonde wig can bring an extraordinary visual effect to your look.

3. Save Time

Women who want to dye their hair a lighter color will prefer 613 blonde hair because they don't need to bleach.

4. Extraordinary Appearance

For fair-skinned women, 613 blonde is a classic hair color that never goes out of style. For black women, blonde is a bold and individual choice. Or, if black women want to make 613 blonde wigs more natural and match their skin tone, try adding dark roots or highlights, ombre. you'll find it seems like magic.

5. Textured

Only quality human hair can be processed into 613 blonde wigs. This hair type is soft, silky, bouncy, and has a natural shine.

6. A Variety Of Options

613 blonde wigs have a variety of styles. Straight hair, body wave, deep wave, 613 lace front wig, 613 full lace wig, 613 non-glued lace wig, and other options are available. You can find all of these products on Nadula's homepage.

How To Care For 613 Blonde Wigs?

613 blonde straighrt wig

1. Avoid Overheating

Make sure your hair is dry and tangle-free before applying heat treatment. Allow your blonde wig to air dry and comb it through before continuing with the heat protectant. When using splints, ensure they are below 350 degrees Fahrenheit and avoid pressing them tightly into the hair. Do not comb your 613 blonde hair when wet, as it is not as bouncy as natural black hair.

2. Do Some Proper Conditioning

Another effective way to maintain your blonde human hair wig is to condition it to keep it well-hydrated and nourished. Conditioner plays a crucial role in closing the cuticle while infusing moisture into the hair, helping maintain blonde hair and reduce fading. Choose a conditioner specifically for wigs.

Deep conditioning can also maintain blonde wigs. 613 Blonde wigs generally need plenty of moisture and protection; therefore, deep conditioning will get you out of trouble. Your hair will be repaired, your scalp will be well moisturized, and breakage will be completely prevented. Finally, using deep conditioning will usually leave your hair very fresh.

3. Use Hairspray Regularly

Hairspray is perfect for lightening bleached, highlighted, color-treated blonde or light brown human hair wigs. Hairspray consists of several formulas enriched with chamomile, citrus, and honey, which often work synergistically to lighten your wig. Hair sprays usually become effective after a few applications. Some formulas contain natural botanicals, while others contain bleaching agents.

4. Stay Out Of The Sun

Wearing a blonde wig outside will look great. It will make you feel more secure. However, more sunlight can damage your skin and the blonde wig on top. The dangerous UV pillars can dry out your hair and turn your blonde wig shade into a strong orange hue. This is why you should wear a hat to reduce the effects of the sun on your wig. You can choose a UV shield to protect your blonde wig.

5. Use Hair Oil Correctly

Due to the texture of the 613 blonde wig, the amount of hair oil used to take care of blonde wigs can be the most complicated and troublesome. Therefore, using poor-quality hair oil when styling your wig can make your hair look messy and lusterless. Be extra careful with yellowish-tinted oils, as they will get into your hair and will stain your blonde wig.

6. Choose a Sulfate-Free Shampoo

Sulfates are what cause shampoos to lather and create bubbles. Unfortunately, these chemicals strip away natural oils and hair proteins. To keep your hair in perfect condition, you must buy a sulfate-free shampoo.


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