A lot of people seem to love protective styles because they not only protect the hair and keep it looking great, but they last a long time and are extremely easy to maintain. Passion twists are the protective style that's got everyone talking, and it's the hottest styling trend that's taking hold. We have done some in the previous article about the protection hairstyle of Passion twists, but if you are very interested in this hairstyle, I believe you will have more questions related to it. Below we have compiled some information about passion twists Frequently asked questions and answers so you can learn more.

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How Did Passion Twists Become Popular?

When Miami-based hairstylist Kailyn, aka Boho Babe, debuted her passionate twists on her Instagram feed @xolovekailyn, the look caught on instantly. Because she wanted to create a new hairstyle for those who want both a goddess look and a bohemian look. Like many protective styles, synthetic or human hair extensions are used to create a passionate twist. You can choose any length, style or color of hair to create different braids. As it stands, it's one of the most sought-after conservation styles online, generating more than 284,000 hashtags (and counting) on Instagram, including the term #passiontwists.

How Long Can The Passionate Twists Last?

Passion Twists last 6 weeks to 10 weeks as a form of protection. Given how quickly hair grows back, this can vary from person to person, and of course how well you maintain them. It is not recommended to leave them in for longer than this as they may start to fall out on their own, causing damage to your natural hair.

How To Maintain Passion Twist?

While passion twists may seem like a casual, effortless twist, they do require maintenance if you want them to last. One simple maintenance can keep your passion twists looking neat and shiny. Apply mousse to hair to minimize frizz from humidity and the wear and tear of everyday life, preferably every other day by oiling your twists and scalp. Because equally important is the health of the scalp. To keep your scalp clean and healthy while wearing your twist, use a product to soothe and nourish your scalp, such as Tea Tree Oil, which soothes itches, refreshes your scalp, and hydrates your hair without the need for water. Wearing a silk or satin hat at night can also help keep your passion looking its best.

How Often Can You Wash Your Passion Twists?

The more you wash, the easier it is for your passion twists to frizz, so we can keep wash days to a minimum. Once or twice a month is best to avoid messy twists or frizz from washing too often. We recommend that you wash your hair with lukewarm water. Add the shampoo to the basin, then put in your passion twists and rinse with warm water. Apply the conditioner to your hair and let it sit for a few minutes, then rinse the conditioner with warm water, then towel dry your hair, and let your Passion Twist air dry.

How Many Packs Of Passion Twists Do You Need?

Different brands have different amounts per pack, and how many packs you need will depend on your hair density, length, and desired style. Generally, 5-8 packs are needed to get a complete passion twist. If you want a fluffier volume, prepare 8 – 10 packs.

How Do You Prepare Your Hair For Passion Twists?

Before installing Passion Twists, you want to make sure your hair is clean. We recommend using a sulfate shampoo to keep hair completely free of any buildup. Afterward, a 30-minute deep conditioning treatment is recommended to hydrate the hair. After you wash and condition your hair, let it air dry or blow dry on a warm setting until it's about 90% dry, then apply a pomade to lock in moisture.

How Do You Know When It's Time To Updo Your Passion Twist?

When passions start to let up, you'll know when it's time to let them go. If you leave them in for too long, you may find that they start to fall off on their own. To save yourself the embarrassment of randomly dropping passion twists at dinner, remove them intuitively when they start to look messy and loose.

How Long Does Passion Twists Take To Install?

Installation varies from person to person, crochet passion twist can be installed within 2 hours - 2 and a half hours. Doing your passion twists alone can take anywhere from 3 to 8 hours. The exact timing also depends on the length and hair density of your preferred twists.

How Do You Remove The Passion Twist?

To remove the passion twist, if you're installing crochet to your cornrow, find the knot at the base of your hair, place your finger under the knot and gently pull out the twist. If you are installing it alone, you may need to use scissors to cut it to a length longer than your hair, then use a tail comb or hand to untie it.