A bob wig is a short, thicker haircut. It is a popular mushroom haircut of the 1990s. Due to its short hair nature and beautiful look, it received a lot of popularity. Bob hair is a modification of Sassoon's hair, adding color and layers to the Sassoon. As time goes on, bob hairstyles and colors are becoming more and more popular. This blog aims to help you choose a more beautiful human hair bob wigs.

How To Find The Right Short Bob Wig?

bob wig black girl

The choice of bob wig depends entirely on your preference. With lengths ranging from 8 inches to 14 inches, your options are endless. Nadula has been committed to providing its customers with high-quality and affordable real wig products, including various hair weaves and wigs.

Nadula's customers can choose from various bob wig products in different materials, hairstyles, and colors, including lace front wigs, HD lace wigs, U-shaped wigs, V-shaped lace wigs, and hairband wigs. These are Nadula's best-selling products and have been well-received by many customers.

If you haven't bought a wig yet, you can consider Nadula as an option, and we are sure you will be satisfied.

The Length Of Bob Wig

The common bob wig length is usually between 8-14 inches. Beyond this length range, it is not called a bob. The right length of Bob can create a natural and beautiful look. Shorter lengths give you a straighter look, while longer lengths begin to distract from the bob look.

For girls who have never been exposed to bob wigs before, it is best to choose a longer bob. This is because it may be rather stiff if you go straight for a short bob. Wigs also require a gradual process.

Other Factors To Consider When Choosing a Bob

1. Skin Tone

wig will make your face the center of attention, so its color should perfectly match your facial skin tone. Both warm and cool tones should be neutralized by choosing the opposite color. Otherwise, you will end up as a chubby clown.

2. Wig Type

Bob wigs have many types of wigs, lace wigs and lace-free wigs, real hair wigs, and synthetic wigs. If you are allergic to glue or dislike it, you must choose a lace-free wig. If you are short on cash these days, choose a synthetic wig. If you have high requirements for the naturalness of the wig's appearance, you should choose real hair wigs and synthetic wigs.

3. Quality And Price

Whenever you want a wig, please put quality first. Real hair short bob wigs are worth every penny. Their natural look and durability are enough to make you give up synthetic wigs. Don't forget to try the wig before you buy. A good wig will make you feel beautiful and confident.

4. Wig Density

The right Bob wig's density differs from other wig types. The higher-density bob wig is not as good as one would like. If the bob wig is not higher, the better. The higher density is not needed because of the shorter hair length.

Shorter hair will naturally make the style appear thicker. A density of more than 200% is not necessary. A good density for a bob wig is usually 150%. Bob wigs that are too dense will look especially thick and fake.

The Best Bob Wig Styles

1. T Part Human Hair Bob Wig

T Part Human Hair Bob Wig

One of the biggest advantages of this T part bob wig is that it is inexpensive. It is neat, elegantly curved, smooth, and perfect for round faces. Some of its features include lace part, 100% hand-tied lace, lightweight, comfortable, etc.

This short hair has a scalp that mimics how hair grows, greatly enhancing the authenticity of the wig. It also allows for a variety of hairstyles, making it difficult to tell that it is a wig.

This human hair bob wig is heat resistant, which means heated styling products will not damage it. You can use a curling iron to set the style. But don't overheat the wig, either. After all, wigs don't grow on our heads as they do naturally.

2. Colorful Human Hair Bob Wig

Colorful Human Hair Bob Wig

This wig color is bright and lively. Having this wig can make you look young and vibrant. It is made of 100% human hair, so you look more natural.

This wig is soft, healthy, and very natural. No one can tell if you are wearing a wig or not. The wig is made from high-quality human hair that looks and feels soft and natural. The wig will fit securely on your head. You can rest assured that the wig will not slip off.

3. Curly Bob Wig With Band

Curly Bob Wig With Band

If you like short and curly hair. This curly bob wig may be the ideal choice for you. These hairstyles are chic. They are easy to wear and even easier to manage. This hairstyle will be your favorite for a long time, as it complements all work and party themes. A wig with bangs looks more natural because the hairline is not visible.