Do you like braids as much as I do? As two of the most popular braiding styles in the world, the French braid and the Dutch braid are gaining popularity among girls. If you are new to braiding, you may always confuse the French braid with the Dutch braid. Let's compare the Dutch braid and French braid to better understand the differences between the two braiding techniques. 

Dutch braid and French braid

What is a French braid?

The French braid is a timeless classic and one of the most popular braid hairstyles in the world. This braiding technique gives you a classically elegant yet pure appearance that makes you look younger than you really are. What is a French braid?
The French braid is probably the most common braid beside the basic three strands braid. French braids basically add a step to the basic braid technique, starting near the top of the head instead of at the nape of the neck. It follows the same pattern of crossing the left strand over the middle strand, then the right strand over the middle strand, and keeps repeating, except that each time you cross one side of your hair over the central strand, you add extra hair on that side of your head first.

The French braid is probably the most common braid beside the basic three strands braid

What is a Dutch braid?

The Dutch braid is actually very similar to the French braid hairstyle, there is a small adjustment, that is, you cross the side section under the middle hair each time instead of over it. It creates a more three-dimensional effect, with braids displayed on top of the hairstyle. For this reason, it is also often referred to as a "reverse French braid" or "inside-out braid". Like a French braid, you'll start closer to the top of your head, and you'll also add more hair to each strand before passing through the middle each time.

What is a Dutch braid?

The difference between French braids and Dutch braids

Dutch and French braids are a great way for beginners to learn how to braid, and in this section, I'll cover the differences between Dutch and French braids.

1. French braids and Dutch braids have different appearances

Dutch braids emphasize braids to create an "inside out" three-dimensional appearance. French braids create a "flat look" where braids blend in perfectly with the rest of the hair.

2. There are different situations between French braids and Dutch braids

French braids make your hair look like it hangs down from your head, giving the impression of youth and innocence. This is why it is often used for formal events such as weddings and bridal receptions. The Dutch braid, on the other hand, creates an amazingly bold look by making your braid appear to float on your scalp.

3. The different styles between French braids and Dutch braids

If you prefer a more elegant and defined style, the Dutch braid is for you. But if you're after a simpler and more understated hairstyle, then French braids are your best bet. You can even mix different braid styles together to create a fun look that best reflects your style.


Braids are an easy way to sweep your hair out of your face while keeping your hair free from friction. French braids and Dutch braids are both super fun ways to transform your hair on any given day. If you've never tried braids hairstyles before, the French braid and Dutch braid must be your preference. Here are some of the most popular braids hairstyles you can try.

1. Two French braids

What could be better than a French braid? How about two French braids? This cute style is a serious trend and is perfect for casual occasions. Just make sure you carefully part your hair while creating this look.

2. French braid bun

Whether you're going to a special occasion or just want to dress up, a French braided bun can make a spectacular hairstyle option. Combine the bun and braid for a very detailed and delicate appearance. Of course, there are countless ways you can combine these two iconic hairstyles.

3. Dutch braid crown

It is Romantic and formal, and the Dutch braid crown feels like the perfect princess moment. Like most crown braids, the Dutch braid crown has a traditional feel while remaining timeless. For this reason, many women choose the Dutch braid crowns as their wedding day hairstyle or for their bridesmaids of choice.

4. Dutch fishtail braid

The Dutch fishtail braid combines two attractive hairstyles. At the beginning, you can use a Dutch braid to weave your hair into a loose side braid. Once you get to the neck, switch to a double strands fishtail braid. This style has a gorgeous Bohemian style with understated charm.