Glow Pricess is an active Youtuber who has 200K subscribers. She is very popular and always share hairstyles and makeup tutorial with her fans. Because she is a black girl, so he is very likes wearing different hair wigs or extensions. This time, she is wearing Nadula highlight bob wig. From this post, you will get real feedback on the blonde hair wig from Nadula.

Unboxing Reviews Of Blonde Highlight Wig

"Hey,  you guys. Welcome back to another video. It should go glow. So today's video I'll be doing a tutorial and a honey blonde wig that I'm wearing today. It is from Nadula hair and the wig that I'll be wearing today."

"It is a 13x4 honey blonde bob wig, 12 inches,150 density. It's 100 Remy human hair packaging. It comes in this little black silk bag, a little goodie bag. You will find your brown blonde wig in this plastic bag and in a wig cap and an extra wig strap. That's pretty much everything that comes in this little goodie bag."

blonde brown bob wig

Glow Princess Do Not Like Sleep With Bobs

"I'm pretty much going to be doing a quick install, um I'm not sure if I'm going to do a glueless one. Because usually when it comes to bob, I don't really like installing them because I don't keep them on for too long. I'm not the only one who hates sleeping with bobs. Because I feel like when you go to sleep with a bald wig, you wake up and it's just not straight anymore. It'd be having a little curve."

"I hate going to sleep with my bobs on. I always like to install it for the day. Do a quick glueless install and then take the straight blonde wig out at night, and then put it back on in the morning. Because I'm trying to have it crispy straight, not slanted, not curvy. Oh, I need it to be bond straight. So I might do a glueless install today depending on my mood."

Honey Blonde Wig Is Her Favorite Style

"Yeah, let me go ahead and show you guys what the wig looks like. You guys know I always do honey blonde wigs because I feel like it's just my favorite style. You guys love this color on me, also, it just makes me look a real luscious, real chocolaty. You know it's giving so every chance that I get to one of these. I actually have a curly one. But we're not here to talk about it right now."

Nadula Honey Highlight Wig Is Very Soft

"So this is what the blonde hair wig looks like, really really soft like I said. I got 150% density, I always get 150 for my wigs because I don't like it to be too full. I'm really small, really petite, real skinny. I don't need to be walking around with a hair for the hair, because it looks crazy, you know what I mean. So I got 150%. I feel like it's the best density, this is what it looks like. 12 inch, 13x4 lace front. Honestly, I'm not sure if this is HD, but girl, she's looking very much HD."

"So I know she's gonna look bomb imagine. If I purchased this blonde bob lace front wig and you install it real professionally, it's gonna look so bomb. Just wait on it one day, I'm gonna learn how to do my own like professional installs, and it's over for you perry."

Glow Princess Will Install It - Easy and Quick

"The texture of this honey blonde lace front wig is really soft. Also, the lace looks like it's been pre-plugged, but I don't think it has. I definitely recommend you guys plugging this blonde ombre lace wig when you purchase it. Pre-pluck it, bleach your knots, everything you got to do. I just don't do it because I haven't unlocked that skill yet. You know I'm still working on it. I'm really not working on it."

"We're about to go ahead and install this blonde human hair wig really quick. I'm going to show you guys everything that I use. It should take nothing, but 20 to 25 minutes, and it should be really easy and quick. So I will see you guys once I'm done."

Final Look

"So this is the final look. I hope you guys enjoyed this tutorial. I ended up doing a very slight install. I just used my gel glue to install this wig. I applied a little bit under the lace and it came out looking pretty good. The blonde bob wig human hair is really silky, really bomb, and even though this is only 150% density. It's bomb-like. It's literally full but other than that. I love it. It's perfect. I love the straight blonde wig, it came out. I'm excited. "


"If you guys are interested in purchasing this blonde ombre bob wig, make sure you check out the Nadula hair. I will have all the links down below, all the information on this week that you guys need to know. And they always got sales. but I'm pretty sure they're celebrating their anniversary coming up this month. So they're gonna have extra sales. I'm gonna have all the links and coupons and things like that down below. You guys can check them out. Thank you guys so much for watching. I'll see you in my next video."