As we know, there are many wholesale hair vendors in China, especially in Xuchang city. And there are always foreign traders make bundle hair deals and bundle deals with closures every day. The main way of dealing is from human hair online stores. That is why you can search so many hair weave websites online.

For the importers of human hair wigs, if you come to China for a hair supplier, you won't just see one supplier but as many as can because there have too many hair suppliers in China, we understand that you want to see as many suppliers as you can , it all for more reference of different quality hair and price. We truly understand that because business is business, and we also advise you to see multiple suppliers for more selections.

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How to find the best hair wholesale distributor in China?

In recent years, with the adjustment of our foreign trade policies to practice, our foreign trade has expanded greatly in recent years. Meanwhile, finding the great human hair vendors from the internet is common and useful.

Of course, the human hair industry also does in this way. However, Don't know how to find the wholesale virgin human hair suppliers disturbed many customers. Here are tips for your reference.  

1.From the internet.

You can find suppliers on eBay, Aliexpress, Alibaba or Amazon. However, you can not see or touch the hair bundles in person so that you can not tell the quality of virgin hair extensions.

The advantage is that you can save much time and money, and you can also get more information about the custom hair distributors from those platforms. Therefore, you can order some samples from them before big orders.

2. Visit local hair company.

 It is a great idea for those who want to cooperate with Chinese hair bundle companies to visit the local virgin hair factory in person. It is generally accepted that China is the biggest hair production base for the human virgin hair extensions in the world.

There are so many human hair manufacturers which are located in different cities, such as Xuchang, Guangzhou and Qingdao. For example, Nadula human hair company is located in Xuchang and you can come here to visit the processing of hair bundles.

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Which vendor is suitable for me?

Not the biggest and the cheapest are the best. No one can do no profit business all over the world. So if you need to buy a very low price for hair, then you need to have the preparation that the hair is not good quality, even rubbish. And if too high price, then you and your customers will not accept the price. So the most suitable for us is the best. Then how to find which is the most suitable for us.

1. If you are new in the hair business, then you need to find more kinds for sales and test the market at your place to find which is the most suitable for your customers. So you need to try some cheap ones and some high quality with higher price.

2. If you are a hairstylist, then a high-quality virgin hair will be most suitable for you, because most of your customers may need to be dyed color, or make hairstyles when they buy hair from you, if lower quality, it may cause problems during you to install the hair for your customers. Then it will affect your business, and you will not get money or even lose your customers.

3. If you need to change your vendor, then you need to find one who sells the same kind or similar kinds as what you are selling now. And also you need to match price also. It is better for you to find a more professional hair factory who mainly selling the kind you need. And have good feedback from their customers. And it is better it is a hair factory because the price you get will be better than you get from a trading hair company.

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Who is good wholesale hair vendors?

Good wholesale hair vendors are the hair wholesale distributors who are always improving the products quality and service. In addition, they are also good but not expensive hair vendors because they know help clients to save money is the most important thing.

Nadula is one of the good wholesale hair extensions manufacturers in China. Most of our customers have given positive feedback about our virgin and remy human hair products after using them.

And there always have a big promotion on holidays, like Black Friday sale, Christmas Day sale. Girls can get a big discount by using the coupon code to get free-shipping hair products and gifts, even get free hair products by sharing the products on the social networking site.