What Is A Lace Frontal Closure?

Generally speaking, a frontal closure or frontal wig is a wig that has lace on the front of edges of the wig so that you can create a new hairline that goes from ear to ear. The entire front of your hairline will get covered by a frontal so that you can have a completely new look to your hair. Frontals can get sewn in behind your ears so that you get a hairline that looks completely natural to you and others. Frontals are typically bigger than some of the other wig options you will find because they must cover your entire hairline to give you a look you want.

Now there are two kinds of lace frontal closures on the human hair market. They are 13*4 inch lace frontal and 360 lace frontal wig. The 13*4 inch lace frontal is ear to ear. It is easy to install lace frontals for the customers who are using them every day.

What Are The Advantages of Lace Frontal Closure?

There are many advantages of Lace Frontal Closure. Many women today choose to go with a lace frontal because it provides them with much more versatility in styling than a choice like a lace closure. With a frontal, you can make use of more pullback hairstyles than you could with other options. You can easily pull the hair back from your face without the fear of showing any seams.

   What Is 360 Lace Frontal Wig?

360 lace frontal wig or 360 lace frontal closure is a new design hair weaves and extensions trend. Pre-plucked 360 full lace around the entire perimeter of your head, 360 degrees natural looking hairline. sew in 360 lace frontal is like a lace headband only with hair on it.

You can greatly decrease the sew in hair weaving time using 360 lace wig you will need lesser hair wefts and bundles for a full sew in. You will need only 2-3 bundles to complete the full weave.360 lace frontal and bundles are perfect for a full head.

     How To Install 360 lace Frontal Wig?

1. First prep your hair, including Bleaching knot and shampooing and conditioning your 360 lace wig. Air dry your hair closure. You can dye the lace to match your skin tone or perm your 360 lace wig to a new color.

2. Do basic straight back braid pattern for sew-ins. Place the 360 lace wig on your head lined up with your natural hairline, make sure it is perfectly positioned along your natural hairline. Cut the lace around, leave the front part, pluck hairs from the frontal hairline, trim the lace in the front part carefully in the last.

 3. Start to adhere to your 360 lace wig by either using the sew-in or using glue-in methods to secure the front part to your own hair or to your wig cap(depends on whether wearing the wig cap). Then sew in the rest part.

4. Add the matching textured hair wefts to close off the opening -2-3 Bundles would be perfect to create a full sew-in weave.

5. After complete the processing of sew-in, you 360 lace wig is done. And you can style it to ponytail hairstyle, braid your hair weave, or just let down thy hair. 360 lace wig gives you many hair styling possibilities for you can part your hair in any direction.

How To Install 360 Lace Frontal Closure With Bundles?

The 360 Lace Frontal Closure is the most popular trend in hair extensions. This is because it allows you to wear hair extensions and bundles to look like your own hair. So, you want to know how to install the 360 Lace Frontal Closure?

Well, look no further as we give you step-by-step instructions on how to install your 360 lace frontal with bundle hair. The usual time it takes to install the 360 lace closure installed with bundles is approximately one hour.

1. Customizing your 360 lace frontal

You can pluck the hairs from the hairline, bleach the knots, or dye the lace to better match your specific skin tone. After making any customization to the lace frontal, you can then cut off the lace from around the circumference.

2. Braid your own hair toward the back

You can lay your own hair down by plaiting or braiding it toward the back so that it can lay flat. The flatter your hair the better your 360 lace wig will look.

3. Install the frontal on your head

Place the frontal on your head and align it with your natural hairline. Brad or pin your own hair out of the way while working with the frontal. Once the frontal is matched to your hairline, you can start to adhere it by either using the sew-in method or using an adhesive glue or tape. The most popular option is to have it sewn down along the outside of your wig cap.

4. Install the bundled hair to the crown area

Once your 360 frontal has been secured, you can now start installing your bundle hair or wefts to the crown area. When installing a 360 lace frontal with bundle hair, only 2-3 bundles are usually required to get your extensions to look like your natural hair.

5. Style your baby hair

Use a little styling gel to add the finishing touches to your 360 frontal and style your baby hairs to your desired look.


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