Losing hair is always very embarrassing and upsetting for all humans. But in modern society, because of pollution, work stress, various hereditary problems, hormonal imbalances, and much more, hair loss problem has become a common occurrence these days. To escape from the pressure of hair loss, hair transplants and hair wigs are two common methods people tend to choose. For people who are experiencing a dilemma between considering a hair transplant or wearing a wig, we will show the main differences in this blog, take a look at the following guide.

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What Are Hair Wigs?

Wigs, also called hair systems or hair replacement systems, refer to wigs made with artificial fibers or human hair to cover the baldness on the head. They are available in diverse lengths, colors, styles, densities, and textures. To meet individuals’ requirements, many wig dealers also provide customized services, with which, people can get their ideal hair look without doing any changes to their scalp.

What Is Transplantation Of Hair?

Hair transplantation is a cosmetic surgical technique. It works by removing hair follicles from the side and back of your scalp, generally, and grafting them permanently onto the balding areas of the scalp. This operation is done under local anesthesia to keep the patient as comfortable as possible. After recovery of a few months, the hair will grow out from the scalp again and create fuller natural hair.

Hair Transplant VS Hair Wigs, What Is The Difference?

If you just want to get rid of baldness and gain confidence, both hair transplant and hair wigs are good options. But if you are trying to decide which is better for you between the two, you should know the differences first.

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1. Service Life

With proper care, the lifespan of a human hair wig is about one year, and a synthetic wig will not last for more than six months; while the results of hair transplantation provide a long-term solution for natural hair development. If you want to get rid of baldness permanently, then a hair transplant is a better way for you.

2. Appearance

Hair transplantation is a process that requires the use of natural hair extracted from the patient's scalp. After recovery, you will get an extremely natural hair look. Generally speaking, with the right installation, a human hair wig can give you natural hair look as well. But compared with growing hair after transplantation, you need to do much extra work to make sure your wig looks natural.

3. Cost

The majority of people agree that hair transplantation is more costly than using a wig to treat hair loss. it should be noted that you have to invest in hair wigs constantly, but you only need to invest in hair transplants once. Whereas a hair transplant can be an expensive procedure, once it’s done, it’s done.

4. Risk

Weighing up the risks and rewards is what everyone considering elective treatment should do. Objectively speaking, both methods have some disadvantages and risks. For wigs, traction alopecia and allergy to glue are common problems; and there are several risks linked to hair transplant surgery, including scarring from the removal and graft of tissue, cysts, prolonged itching, swelling, bruising, and bleeding.

5. Recovery

The results of wearing a hair wig are instant. With a proper wig, you can get your ideal hair look and make your baldness disappearance at once. After hair transplant surgery, you have to experience a particularly long recovery time. If you want an instant result, wigs are better for you.

6. Maintenance

If you have ever tried hair wigs, you should have known that there are many matters needing attention, such as avoiding sunlight and swimming pool, caring for it with special shampoos and conditioners, keeping away from heat tools, and so on. Relatively speaking, the hair after hair transplantation requires minimal maintenance. This is because the hairs transplanted are basically your natural hairs, so you don't need any kind of special shampoo or care.

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Which Treatment Should You Go For?

To get rid of baldness or get a more satisfying hair look, both options for hair loss offer effective results. If you want to rock different hair colors and styles, then wigs are more suitable for you; if you want to solve the problem of hair loss permanently, then choose a hair transplant. Another thing to consider is the cost of both techniques, hair transplantation is more costly in the initial stages, and hair wigs are a constant investment. Plus, if you decide to have a hair transplant surgery, please consult your doctor.