The Hollywood waves hair is a classic style that is timeless and elegant. In fact, this beautiful hairstyle can be achieved with any hair type, but it's especially popular with long hair. Hollywood waves hairstyle looks great for formal occasions like weddings or dances, but it's also great for daily life! Today I'm going to tell you step by step how to do the Hollywood waves.

How to do Hollywood waves?

Hollywood waves hairstyle has been around for a long time, defining the image of a movie goddess for an era. Today, this hairstyle is not only a popular choice for soirees and award shows but also a gracious bridal look. Do you want to know how to get Hollywood-style waves? Read on to learn how to recreate this gorgeous look. There are 6 steps to do Hollywood waves hairstyle, you need to follow all of the steps.

1. Get your hair ready

Get your hair ready

Think ahead about whether you want to create Hollywood waves on top of natural hair or a wig. Get your hair ready, and comb your hair thoroughly to remove any tangles. Make sure your hair is smooth. If you have curly hair, it's best to apply a small amount of mousse before brushing your hair. Avoid using products that contain too much alcohol, as this can dull and dry out your hair. If you're starting with wet hair, it's best to apply the heat repellent to your hair before you blow dry and curl it.

2. Divide your hair into several different areas

Divide your hair into several different areas

Dividing your hair is very important in the progress of making Hollywood waves and it will help you a lot. Especially start curling the hair, sectional curling can achieve very good results. When you divide your hair, the main thing is that every area should be the same width except the bottom area, and you can use special bobby pins for convenience. They will help secure them firmly, thus making it easier to create hairstyles.

3. Start curling your hair

Start curling your hair

In the third step, you need to start curling your hair. Firstly, please start at the bottom of your hair and brush it upwards. Take a diagonal section (down your cheekbone) and place your curling iron under your hair, pointing in the direction of your face. When curling, make sure that your sections are all the same size and that your curls are in the same direction. Hollywood waves are very even!

4. Clamp waves

Clamp waves

For easier combing and longer-lasting waves, staple all of the curls in its direction with a temporary aluminum needle and wait at least 10 minutes, if not more, before neatly untangling the clips and smoothly lining up the formed curly strands against each other. You can use styling powder to fix frizzy hair. And then, you should repeat the whole step, until there is no more hair to spare.

5. Brush out your Hollywood waves

Brush out your Hollywood waves

Brush your newly curled hair for a super smooth effect, or comb it with a wide-toothed comb for a more natural look. Don't freak out if the Hollywood waves don't immediately look perfect. It takes a little time to form itself and settle down. In addition, I recommend using hairspray when brushing your hair to lock in the waves in layers. But avoid using too much hairspray! I don't want your Hollywood waves to look stiff.

6. Decorate your Hollywood waves

Decorate your Hollywood waves

Finish by taming any remaining flying hair with a light or moderate styling spray of your choice. Hollywood waves are characterized by a retro, glamorous sheen. You can do this by spritzing your hair with a glossy lotion while brushing. Some people prefer to spray the brightener directly onto the comb, while others prefer to spray it directly into their hair after combing.
Look! This classic and timeless hairstyle is complete. It's beautiful on its own and could use some embellishments. If you're a bride in the near future, it might be cute to add some hair vines or floral headbands.


The Hollywood waves are a feminine, elegant, glamorous hairstyle. This luxurious hairstyle has been at the peak of popularity for decades and it is classic, in addition, it's a favorite hairstyle of celebrities on the red carpet. Hollywood waves have their own characteristics, and at first glance, it may seem like these are just curls, but not all waves can be called true Hollywood waves. The Hollywood waves give us the glamour of a female star and are perfect for any special occasion. Hollywood waves will add an extra level of indulgence to your statement look. Create a wavy style for your hair, which is the epitome of super feminine bravery.