The prom is a great occasion for self-relaxation and social activities, as well as a great platform to show charm. If you like to go to the prom and enjoy this grand evening, you will definitely choose the prom hairstyle in advance. It is not easy to choose your favorite prom hairstyle in many amazing hairstyles. And you can also match many different dress styles. In this article, I recommend these 10 fashionable and amazing prom updo hairstyles for you, and none of them will make mistakes.

Whether you have long hair, medium hair, or short hair, you can try updos. In the dance hairstyle, you will see the bun braid, French braid, waterfall braid, fishtail braid, natural wave, high ponytail, half height hair style, classic straight hairstyle, crown braid dance hairstyle, etc. Whether you prefer delicate buns, complex knots, or fast casual high buns, you can choose a unique, delicate style in each category to make your hair beautiful every day.

1. Cute Updo with a Low Bun

Cute Updo with a Low Bun

This cute updo hairstyle is very suitable for prom hairstyles and looks very elegant with a dress. In addition, a messy bun and several messy hair strands are designed to make the whole hairstyle look relaxed and casual. This deliberately messy hairstyle can be designed anywhere.

2. Chunky Braid Updo

Chunky Braid Updo

This is a seemingly casual French braid. Exaggerated weaving is very cool, which is a more casual style. From daily life to work occasions or formal occasions, this hairstyle is very suitable. Just use accessories to dress up the overall look will be more beautiful. At the prom, the off-shoulder dress with this low and loose French hairstyle can continue the romantic atmosphere indefinitely.

3. Bouffant Updo

Bouffant Updo

The whole hairstyle looks exquisite. Part of the hair on the top of the head looks a little swollen, which increases the three-dimensional sense of the hairstyle and sets off the facial contour more clearly. The top of the hair looks very fluffy, which can add a crown to make the hair more beautiful.

4. Vintage Bun Hairstyle

Vintage Bun Hairstyle

This hairstyle is very classic and looks full of retro style. When you want your femininity to be the highlight of your prom style, you can choose this vintage hairstyle. This elegant and retro hair bun can set off femininity, highlight your beauty and make you amaze everyone at the prom.

5. Fishtail Updo Hair

Fishtail Updo Hair

In the prom hairstyle creativity, fishtail braids are indispensable. Fishtail braids are inherently romantic. Just weave loose curly hair into a fishtail braid, and then embellish it with some flowers. This messy braid will immediately become amazing.

6. Curly Low Bun

Curly Low Bun

Curly hair can easily create a romantic hairstyle. Low buns can be easily controlled in just a few steps. Spray the curly hair with hair gel for shaping, and then fix it with beautiful hair clips.

7. Fancy Roll Hair

Fancy Roll Hair

If you like messy hairstyles, you must try this hairstyle. This messy circular shape looks very simple, and the irregular curly and curly hair design adds visual interest. The hair is mixed and interwoven irregularly, which has a unique charm.

8. Cute Loopy Twisted Updo

Cute Loopy Twisted Updo

Medium hair can also be combed into a beautiful bun. This is a very beautiful fried dough twist hairstyle, which makes delicate hair look super dense. When attending a wedding or dance, let this style become your faithful partner. You can wear jewelry hairpins or a few flowers on your hair to make it more attractive!

9. Formal Sleek Looped Updo

Formal Sleek Looped Updo

The complicated details make the formal high bun look different. Circulation and weaving are not only visually interesting but also delicate. A few wisps of curly hair hang down on your face as a finishing touch for romance and loveliness.

10. Messy Prom Updos

Messy Prom Updos

High buns have always been a classic choice. This messy bun is both elegant and not excessive, and it seems that it will never go out of style. If your hair is thin and soft, this fashionable and messy bun will give people the illusion of thicker hair and make your hair look very fluffy. But if you want to add delicacy to your style, you can also use some shiny and colorful accessories.


The prom hairstyle is very important. The classic updo hairstyles will never go out of style, which is why they are the ideal choice for prom hairstyles in 2023. No matter what style your clothes are, these fashionable and delicate hairstyles will complement your facial features and clothing. Try these great prom hairstyles quickly, and you will be amazed at the effect.