Why choose a unique hairstyle for December? December is a fascinating and dramatic month, as we look forward to Christmas for a long time, along with Christmas Eve and Easter. Are you planning a family party? Are you getting back together for a holiday party with friends you haven't seen in a while? Will you have a sweet date with your lover? The holiday season is the perfect time to take your style up a notch. It's time to pick out the prom hairstyles that will make you queen for December. Keep reading, there are prom hairstyles just for you.

unique hairstyle for December

How to choose the best prom hairstyle?

Each girl puts a lot of time and effort into preparing her prom hairstyle. For example, the dress, the makeup, the nails, and of course the hair. While we all wish we had an eye-popping hairstyle to go with our outfits, no one wants to spend hours trying to recreate the sophisticated prom hairstyle. Young ladies should go to the party in style. So, the prom hairstyle should be simple and elegant, with unique details.

best prom hairstyle

What is the best prom hairstyle for December?

Here are a few of the cutest and most charming prom hairstyles for beginners. All of these styles are heat-free, so there's no worry about damaging your hair, and are protective, so you can look your best while keeping your hair loose.

charming prom hairstyles

1. Beautiful bouffant

Bouffant hairstyles may be known for their retro charm, but they can also be given a modern twist by simply adding hair accessories.
For a memorable look, you can opt for a gold floral headband at the party and loosen some curls at the front, allowing them to fall on your face for a soft effect. This elegant hairstyle is all you need for the prom.

2. Vintage 20s tuck

If you're struggling to decide how to comb your hair, looking at your gown is the best place to start. If you choose a vintage dress, you would better pair it with a suitable old-fashioned look, like this roaring 20s tuck, and you'll look like a classy girl.

3. Braided bun

Nothing says prom hair like a braided bun. But if you're after a stunning formal updo, a bun has everything you need! You can even take your bun out and make it a formal updo. You can add a braided headband detail to the top of your head to take your braided bun a step further.

4. Low chignon bun

When you need a dramatic prom haircut to impress all your friends, a low chignon bun hairstyle will meet your needs.
This impressive bun is the perfect style for your medium hair, just shake this mixed with attitude for the most fantastic hairstyle.

5. Bubble ponytail

Do you find braiding difficult? Show off your long hair with this beautiful bubble ponytail. To make it even prettier, just wrap a ribbon around your bubble! Bubble braids are easy to get, it is a quick hairstyle, which will not waste your valuable time.

6. Half up half down braids

This is a simple style, but if you want to take your half up half down hairstyle to prom queen heights, you should try incorporating some braids. Whether you put your hair in a half-crown braid or a fishtail braid, you'll look flawless. But when you style your hair in a bow that's half up and half down, you make your hair look like a work of art.

7. Halo braid

You want to feel like a goddess on your big day, so why not use a halo braid to evoke heavenly vibes in the starkest sense? The halo braid is a wonderful, elegant, and impressive hairstyle for a variety of formal and informal occasions. In addition, the Halo braid is versatile and can be worn anywhere, especially in December.
In addition to looking incredible, they are perfect for keeping all of your hair and your face.

8. Finger waves

Are you looking for an easy prom hairstyle with curly and short hair? It's time to retrieve your lost bobby pins because you'll be completely satisfied with this modern finger wave hairstyle. Finger waves became popular in the 1920s, which is an easy way to create pixie cuts and short hairstyles. All you need to do is use your bobby pins to help you create and secure your wave position. You can use your fingers, the right product, and a comb to create C-shaped hair waves.


Here are 8 prom hairstyles for you. December is just around the corner and you're already feeling the cheer of Christmas. 8 of prom hairstyles, which is best for you? You can try them all out over the next 20 days because they're so easy to get. I'm sure you'll be a unique queen this holiday season in December.