Perms were very popular in the 80s and are great for gaining volume and getting people to notice your hairstyle. If you want curly hair, you might wonder, how much does a perm haircut cost? There are many different types of perms with different costs. Keep reading to discover everything you need to know about perm hair.

perm hair

How much are perms for different hair lengths?

As you know, the perm is a natural textural styling method that chemically alters your hair. It's designed to give you permanent curly hair. That way, you don't have to worry about complicated knots or a lot of straightening.

How much does a perm cost? The average cost of a perm ranges from $40 to $200, but most people will pay around $80, which is a wide price range as there are many different options and factors. The overall cost of a perm haircut depends on your hair length, the type of perm, and whether you choose a partial or full perm, long or short hair. Partial perms are cheaper than full perms, and short perms cost less than long ones. How much are perms for different hair lengths?
Perms cost $30-$150 for short hair, $60-$200 for medium hair, and $80-$400 for long hair. Short hair is the cheapest because it uses the least amount of product and takes the least time to prepare and install a perm stick. Long hair, on the other hand, requires more time, product, and attention to detail.

How to care for perm hair?

The perm process can take up to three hours to complete, depending on the different styles you want. Therefore, when it comes to getting a perm, be prepared to spend a lot of time at the salon. After the perm process is over, perms can last anywhere from 3-8 months, depending on your hair length. Curly hair is very different from straight hair, and in order to keep your hair healthy, you should take good care of your perms. 

1. Don't wash your hair for a short time

Don't wash your hair for a short time

Don't wash, brush, or comb your hair for the first 48 hours after a perm, as keratin takes that long to harden naturally. If you need to wash your hair later, it is best to use warm water, not hot water. After washing it, add styling gel or mousse to wet hair to make the waves stand out. If you have the digital perm, you don't need to use these products. 

2. Brush your hair with your fingers or a wide-toothed comb

Brush your hair with your fingers or a wide-toothed comb

If your perm is knotted and you need to comb it, it's best to use a wide tooth comb or just use your fingers to smooth it out. In addition, don't color in freshly permed hair for a few weeks, as you can cause damage to already damaged hair.

3. Deep condition your hair once or twice a week

Deep condition your hair once or twice a week

In fact, the perm processing time will dry out your hair. After a perm, you must moisturize and condition your hair purposefully. At first, deep treatments are recommended twice a week. After the first month, cut back to once a week and make your perms last longer by avoiding products and services that dry out your hair and other things that help you relax your hair. Your hair will need a lot of moisture and nutrients to stay healthy and keep your curls. 

3 hottest perm hairstyles you must try 2022-2023

There are many perm haircuts you can choose from, so make sure you know what type of curls or waves you want before going to the salon. Now let's look at the types of curls you can get from perms.

hottest perm hairstyles you must try 2022-2023

1. Body wave perm

Body wave perms create soft, plump waves instead of tight curls. If your hair lacks volume or has needle-like straight hair, you may want to consider a body wave perm.

2. Spot or partial perm

Spot or partial perms are for specific areas of hair, not the entire head. If your curls are flat in certain areas, you may get a partial perm.
Spot perms are also popular because some people have thin hair and need a little extra motivation. You can even apply a spot or partial perm to just the ends of your hair. Spot perm is great for anyone who likes the texture of their hair, but wants more movement at the ends. It creates a true wash style.

3. Straight perm

Straight perm, which is may sound a little backward, since most of us associate perms with curly hair, but you can also do straight perms. You may hear this type of perm referred to as a Japanese straight perm or reverse perm. Whether you have curly or wavy hair, or just want to smooth it out, this perm technique can help straighten your hair.