Many women are buying sew-in hair extensions or hair wigs to add their hair volume and change their hairstyles.Celebrities and socialites alike use the hair weave to get the long, luxurious locks that people envy. The hair weave has gone mainstream and is a popular item at hair salons across North America.

For example, Brazilian human hair is one of the leading hair textures in the hair market.If you are considering getting a hair weave, you should first weigh the good and bad of getting one done. While it may seem like the ideal solution to boring hair, you may have to deal with pain to get the soft, shiny locks that you crave.

The Good Of Sew-In Hair Extensions

1.Change Your Hairstyle Fast

The Brazilian sewn-in weave takes about four hours to complete, depending on the extent of the weave. This is good news for women who are fickle with their hair and love to change it up. A weave can even come in different colors, so you don't have to dye your hair with harsh chemicals to get electric pink streaks throughout. The change is immediate and lasts for about three months.

2.Length Your Hair Instant

Women with shorter hair may not want to wait months and years for their hair to grow out. Similarly, some women may have received a haircut that is shorter than they wanted. In these cases, a weaved hair is an ideal solution; you'll be able to get the length, without having to wait for your natural hair to grow. A Brazilian hair weave bundle comes in lengths up to 30 inches, so you can get the length of hair that you want, instantly.

The Bad Of Sew-In Hair Extensions

1.Get Pain

A human hair Brazilian weave can sometimes be painful to have placed in your hair. First, I would like to start out by saying that a tight sew-in should not be "dealt with". You should not "suck it up", and it does not "come with the territory" of getting a sew-in style.

If you who have been conditioned to think this or if you may not know what "too tight" means, here are three indicators that your sew-in was installed too tight: Your weave is too tight if you notice outer corners of your eyes involuntarily going towards your ears.Getting a headache due to smiling and laughing indicates your weave is too tight.If you get up from the stylist chair and your head is throbbing, your weave is too tight.

2.Cost High

A Brazilian virgin hair weave can be an expensive habit to start. With each weaving session costing around $150, as of the time of publication, and weaving needing to be done every three months, hair weaving can be an expensive beauty routine to keep up. Don't try to shop the cheap weave hair if you have never worn it before.Maybe the wholesale hair weave will be cheaper. If you are looking for a less expensive version, clip-in extensions may be a more economical choice or you can choose wholesale human hair weave.

How To Stop Sew-In Hair Extensions Hurting?

A lot of women use the sew-in to keep their hair protected from the elements. Little do they realize, Brazilian hair extensions can be a harmful element in and of itself if not installed correctly.To alleviate tension from an improperly installed sew-in, here are a few things that you can do to:

1. Apply An Oil

Peppermint oil, tea tree oil, or braid spray can be used to soothe the tender areas of the scalp.These oils have anti-inflammatory properties that can ease the irritation and treat any sores that you may have.Remember to use these oils only three times a week at most to avoid any negative effects.

2. Apply A Steaming Towel To Your Scalp

Keep your virgin hair weave moisture.If you can loosen the weave up and manipulate the tracks, you will reduce a lot of your pain.Water helps to create slippage among the extensions and thread so you will be able to move it around more.The steam will allow you to massage your scalp more and increase movement on the tracks as well.

3.Cut Some Of The Threads

Please pay more attention to this step. I have cut threads and ended up with a few tracks bobby-pinned into my braids.You should always cut the stitches around the areas with tension and proceed to pull or feel around what cut.

Meaning, after you cut one stitch lightly poke around the area to ensure that section of the track is still apart of you sew-in before you cut another thread.


You can choose any hair textures sew-in hair. Except for Brazilian hair, virgin Peruvian hair bundle deals is also a good choice.But you need to check whether it is virgin or remy Peruvian hair first. This human hair blog can help you to choose the best hair weaves. 

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