For the hair weave consumers, an important problem is to make sure the own natural hair blends well with the hair weave.

If you are looking for a weave that will blend in with your natural hair, a real natural hair weave may be just what you are looking for. Human hair weaves have been popular not only among ladies with African American hair but have been worn around the world in various forms for decades.

wet and wavy hair

Advances in weaving techniques and hair textures enable you to add instant length to your hair while looking completely natural. The key to getting a natural look when wearing a weave is by selecting a hair texture similar to your own and blending it with the extensions.Brazilian hair is very soft and can blend well with most natural hair. If your hair is kinky curly, Brazilian kinky curly hair will be the best choice.

wavy human hair

It is important to leave a one-inch perimeter of your hair free if you want to wear apart, leave at least one inch on either side of the part free.

After the extensions are installed, the free areas of your hair can be styled to match the extensions. This results in a seamless blending of the two types of hair.

The length and method of installation are matters of personal preference, and the styles are nearly limitless. Longer lengths offer more styling versatility, but shorter lengths tend to be easier to care for.

nadula wavy hair

When the extensions are installed correctly, you can even wear your hair up without anyone knowing you are wearing a weave.


If you are rocking a straight Brazilian hair weave, it's important to blend your own natural hair.

For those wanting a sleek and chic look, a straight weave for natural hair is a gorgeous alternative to the curly look. Just like with Brazilian wavy curly hair, it is important to leave out just enough of your natural hair so that the hair can blend naturally with the extensions.

straight hair

Blending natural hair with straight weaves means it is likely that you will need to use a flat iron to get your hair straight enough to blend with the extensions. When choosing this option, be sure to adequately protect the hair before straightening it to minimize the damage that can occur from flat ironing.


Even the best heat protectant is not infallible, so it is important not to straighten your natural hair too often. Another way to get a natural look when using a straight weave to blend in with your natural hair is to choose hair that has a few highlights.

Sometimes the varied colors can help hide where the natural hair meets the extensions. Obviously, the straighter the style you choose, the more challenging it can be to create a smooth transition between the two hair textures.

It is a good idea to try to select a straight hair extension that has the same texture as your flat ironed natural hair.

Of course, if you do not want to do this, just buy a good hair wig.Just tie the hair and put on the wig. It is very easy to install and take here to see things about human hair wigs you need to know.


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