High porosity hair has many advantages. Still, finding the right products and techniques to care for this unique hair can be a challenge. Learning how to care for high porosity hair takes time, patience, and a determination to learn more about your natural curls. Once you get the hang of hair, you'll know how to manage high-porosity hair and make it look nice and obedient. In this article, I will tell you how to care for high porosity hair. Don't miss it.

What is high porosity hair?

What is high porosity hair?

High porosity hair is hair that absorbs and loses water easily. If your hair is highly porous, it means that water, oil, and other types of products are easily absorbed into your hair, but since your hair is highly porous, it may not be able to retain moisture as well as other types of hair. high porosity hair
The reason why high porosity hair can have this performance and the structure of the hair. Hair scales are the outermost layer of hair, and when the scales are spaced too far apart, hair becomes porous. high porosity hair
High hair porosity can be due to genes or specific hair care. Processing or styling hair, such as straightening, drying, bleaching, or using other chemicals, can lead to excessive porosity.

high porosity hair

Characteristics of high porosity hair: 

Your curly hair dries quickly, especially during hot styling or exposure to the sun.
Curly hair can easily absorb products such as hair dyes. You rarely notice the substance that remains on your hair stem.
When shampooing, your hair will be soaked immediately in the shower.
Light moisturizers don't seem to promote shine, elasticity, and softness.
When you spray water on clean, product-free strands of hair, the moisture is absorbed immediately. Characteristics of high porosity hair
If you're not sure about the quality of your hair, try a hair test. Take a clean strand of hair and put it in a glass of water. If your hair sinks to the bottom of the glass, it's a sign that your curls have absorbed a lot of water and your hair is highly porous.

Characteristics of high porosity hair

Tips to care for high porosity hair

When it comes to high porosity hair, care focuses on making sure the hair gets the moisture it needs. In addition, the strength of the protein should be provided to ensure that water stays inside the hair shaft. Doing so ensures that the hair maintains the proper protein-water balance. Here are our tips for taking care of high porosity hair.

Tips to care for high porosity hair

1. Use moisturizing products correctly

High porosity hair needs to be moisturized to stay healthy. Look for products labeled "hydrating" or "moisturizing." In addition, it is best to reduce the number of shampoo. High porosity hair doesn't need to be washed as often as other hair types, and over-washing can cause hair to lose its natural oils and become more dry and damaged.

2. Avoid high temperature modeling

High temperatures can damage high-porosity hair, so avoid high-temperature styling tools as much as possible. If using a heat setting tool, be sure to use a heat protection spray. Sun and heat can damage high-porosity hair, so always wear a hat or scarf when you go outside and avoid using heat setting tools.

3. Trim your hair regularly

Split ends can make high porosity hair look dry and damaged. Regular trimming will remove split ends and keep your hair healthy. On the other hand, you need to deep condition your hair regularly. Deep treatments help replenish moisture and nutrients in high-porosity hair.

4. Use silk or satin pillowcases when sleeping

Sleeping on silk or satin pillowcases helps reduce friction and prevent damage to high-porosity hair. Second, it's best to avoid harsh shampoos and conditioners. Harsh shampoos and conditioners can strip hair of its natural oils. Choose products that are sulfate-free and gentle on hair.

5. Care for high porosity hair requires patience

It takes time to care for high-porosity hair. Don't be discouraged if you don't see results right away. Just keep using these tips and you'll see results eventually.


High porosity hair can be difficult to manage and frizzy, but there is hope. You can take certain steps and avoid others to take care of or even change the porosity of your hair. If your hair is highly porous and you need to learn how to fix it or repair it, you've come to the right place. In this blog, I've introduced a few techniques to care for high porosity hair, you can take reasonable care of your high porosity hair according to my method.