How To Care Raw Indian Curly Hair?

There are many American-African Girls who have chosen Remy Indian curly hair from online shops when they want to try curly human hair. curly Indian hair extensions are always collected from Indian women and they are all raw hair that has not been permed, colored, or chemically treated before.

With proper care, long Indian curly Remy hair will be used for a long time. Here will guide you on how to take care of virgin Indian curly hair bundles or wigs, and extensions.

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How do I wash my Indian curly hair extensions?

It's summertime! This means it's time to start rocking flirty outfits and big, luscious curls!

Scared to give it a go after hearing all the raw virgin Indian curly hair horror stories? Curly weaves often get a bad rap because of their reputation for knotting, matting, tangling, and uncontrollable frizz. While this type of hair texture does require a higher level of care, it is possible to keep your curls big and bold as long as you take care of them.

Not sure where to start? We've got you covered on everything you need to build a healthy, curly weave regimen! Here's your guide on how to take care of Indian Remy hair curly weave:

1. Detangling

Before you do anything, it is imperative that your hair is properly detangled. Use a wide-tooth comb or detangling brush on slightly damp hair and gently work through in sections from the tips to the root. Proper detangling will make everything from shampooing to styling significantly easier.

2. Daily Moisturizing

Moisture is key to keeping your curls intact. By keeping your curls moisturized, they're better able to keep their form and less prone to frizz, which helps prevent tangling and cuts down on detangling time.

Spritz your Indian curly Remy hair daily with water to help with product absorption and follow up with a leave-in conditioner designed for curly hair. Avoid products with harsh alcohols and silicones, which can make hair extremely stiff and dry.

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3. Shampoo/Conditioning

Never underestimate the importance of clean hair! To keep curls refreshed, shampoo your hair at least once a week with a moisturizing, sulfate-free shampoo. Take care to wash hair in a downward motion to avoid tangling. Next, follow up with a moisture-rich conditioner, working it in with the same downward motion. To ensure each curl gets the moisture it needs, use your fingers or preferred detangling tool to evenly distribute the conditioner throughout.

4. Deep Conditioning

Deep conditioning can be a major game changer in increasing the longevity of your curly weave. Look for hydrating hair masques and/or oils like argan or babassu for hot oil treatments. Coat hair in sections, twisting those sections to avoid tangling before putting on a plastic cap for approximately 30 mins. To boost results, sit under a hooded dryer to increase moisture intake.

5. Styling

The beauty of curly hair is that it is a style on its own, but if you do want to manipulate your curls via styling you must be gentle. This means careful detangling before styling to minimize unnecessary tension and pulling whether blowing out, twisting, or Bantu-knotting your weave.

6. Sleep

To preserve your curls overnight and avoid tangling, it is imperative to protect them from friction. And enemy number one of frizz-free hair? Cotton pillowcases. Two common methods to prevent being a morning frizz monster are creating plaits or doing a pineapple on dry hair and then wrapping it in a silk or sating headscarf at night.

If you're not familiar with the pineapple technique, check out videos from Nadula's Youtube.

What are your fave curly weave products and best practices? See any tips you've been missing and ready to usher into your routine? Let us know in the comments below. And besides, if you have any questions about simple Indian hairstyles for curly hair, or want to shop for cheap Indian curly hair, you can also stay here to read more or contact us to learn about the products.

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More About Remy Indian curly hair

Indian hair is one of the most versatile and readily available on the market. The hair density is very fine. It's naturally airy, light, and bouncy and can easily be curled and styled. Indian hair moves effortlessly with minimal products. It also blends well with most hair textures. This hair is wavy/curly, soft has high luster, and holds a curl.

Nadula Indian hair extensions are made of luxurious 100% virgin Remy human hair, giving you that fresh look and versatility that you love at a value that can't be beaten. Whether for work or play, our beautiful Indian virgin hair extensions are the perfect choice for everyday wear. The hair extensions can be colored, straightened, curled, and still worn in their original wave pattern.