When you choose a new wig, do you just look at the color and style of the wig to decide if you will buy it? If that's what you do, then you're making the mistake that most people make. When choosing a wig, many people often ignore the criterion of wig density, but the wig density also is an important factor to decide whether it is a pretty appearance of the wig.

But what density represents thick hair, and what density translates to thin hair? What is the best wig density for you? Now let’s read through some common questions about wig density to find the answer, and finally, you can buy the perfect wig suited for your needs. The following is a table of contents for this article to better help you read it.

1. What Does Density Mean In Wigs?

Density is the thickness and thinness of the human hair on the lace. Wig density is the measurement of how full or few and scattered a wig appears while being worn, it will have a direct impact on the appearance of your wig.This is also an important reason why many people must consider wig density when choosing human hair wigs.

2. Commonly Wig Density Chart

To help you understand the density of wigs faster, we will show you the wig density chart, which can show you the difference between wigs of different densities. Wig density is generally 90%, 100%, 130%, 150%, 180%, 200%, 230%, 250%. The lower the density, the thinner the wig, and vice versa, the higher the density, the more fluffy and full of the wig.

Of course, the weight of the hair will also increase with the increase in density, but because the hair itself is very light, we can generally ignore the increased weight, and it has little effect on our wearing. Next, you can see more detailed density division.

50%-60%: Extra Light Hair Density

This wig density is the lowest and lightest, it is also sparse, some scalp maybe shows but this may be just age-matched. Hair density varies at different ages, so moderately low-density hair tends to reflect a natural look.

80%-90%: Light Hair Density

This is another great option for people with naturally thinner hair. The concentration of hair on extra light density wigs is less, it also can be used for women who have very thin or fine hair. This wig density is usually used for the hairline, furthermore, it can give people an age realistic look.

100%-110%: Light To Medium Density

This wig density is still light and wearing it will not make you feel that you have worn a wig. It is made up of light-density texture near the hairline, then increasingly changes into medium density towards the rest of the hairline.

120%-130%: Average Hair Density

This average hair density is the closest to the density of natural human hair When you wear the wig you will not feel too thick or too thin. Visually, it perfectly renders the look and fullness of natural hair, it is the standard density of any wig, therefore most customers prefer to buy natural density wigs.

150%: Medium/Heavy Density wig

In appearance, it looks fuller than an average density wig, just a little bit heavier. More wig wearers also prefer these density wigs. It can provide a very natural look, so it is extremely difficult to be identified.

180% : Heavy Hair Density

This is heavy, and it will be a perfect choice for those who desire a full and voluminous look. The performers and actresses also often choose this density to make a gorgeous hairstyle, nevertheless maybe a little bit uncomfortable. Recommended for hair lengths 20’’ and longer.

200% and higher: Extra Heavy Density

This is an extremely heavy hair density, it usually is ordered by women who want the ultimate in full hair look, it is also best for performers, celebrities, and professional artists, but may be uncomfortable on your head. Recommended for hair lengths 24’’ and longer.

3.What Is The Best Wig Density For You?

The average wig density is 120% or 130%. Because the natural human hair density ranges from 100% to 130%, it just matched the natural hair density, and it is full and thick enough to suit many wig styles, so this density wig is very hot-selling and receives many customers' preferences. It was also once considered the best wig density for customers.

However, with the increasing diversification of wig styles, the type, length, and style of wigs also have an impact on the choice of wig density. Moreover, it also depends on your need for fullness and wearing effect.

Here's an easy way for you to choose the best wig density. First, you need to know the density of your hair and your needs, believe that most of the time you will aim for the pursuit of nature, but occasionally, you need to go to some special occasion, like a party or a show, at this time you will need a high-density wig to customize the hairstyle to make you look stunning and attractive.

If your hair density is very well, Recommended you use a 130% density wig, which is lighter and more breathable. If your hair density is ordinary, you can choose the 150% density wig, the density is a great density to add some fullness to your wig while still looking very natural, and it is also suitable for sports stylings, such as a lot of bouncing, and movement. If you need to customize the shape for a specific occasion, you can choose 180% and higher.

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