Box braids are a classic and chic hairstyle, but having them done by a professional can be expensive. Thankfully, you can learn how to create and style box braids, and once you do, you can do it yourself at home. Next, we'll show you how to create and style box braids and suggest some braided hairstyles for you.

What Are Box Braids?

Box Braids

Box braids are a hair weave popular mainly among Africans and the African diaspora. This style is a "hair care style." It is a style that can be worn for long periods, allowing the hair to grow naturally and protecting the ends of the hair.

Box braids are often installed using synthetic hair, which helps add thickness and helps the natural hair in the braid. The installation process for box braids can be lengthy, but they can last six to eight weeks after installation. They are easy to maintain.

How to Create And Style Box Braids?

Wonderful Box Braids

  • 1. Shampoo and condition your hair. Start by washing your hair with a cleansing shampoo, which will effectively remove any dirt or debris from your hair. Then, hydrate your hair with a deep conditioner, strengthening it and making it easier to weave.
  • 2. Comb through and dry your hair with a hair dryer. Use a plastic wide-tooth comb to remove any tangles from your hair gently. Then, apply a heat protection gel or spray to the hair and brush down the underside of the hair. Follow it closely with a hair dryer on a medium to low temperature until your hair is dry and roughly straight. This will make it easier to braid your hair.
  • 3. Use a wide-tooth comb to separate your hair into 4 boxy sections. Part your hair into 4 sections, from your forehead to your neck and then from your ears to your ears. Keep the first part you plan to work with. Make sure the sections are evenly separated with a straight line at the root to form a box shape. Use 3 large bobby pins to keep the remaining 3 sections out of the way. Make sure your hair is evenly distributed between each part.
  • 4. Part your hair into a 1 in section with a rat tail comb. If you want a medium-sized braid, section out a 5-square section of hair above your ear. To create jumbo box braids, section out 2 inches of hair.
  • 5. Buy 6-8 packages of synthetic hair. Shorter, thinner box braids may require less hair. Place the synthetic hair on top of the natural hair at the root. While keeping 3 separate strands of synthetic hair, choose one as your center or anchor chain that you will combine with your natural hair. Clip the anchor chain to your natural hair by aligning the ring of segmented hair directly to the root of the natural hair section.
  • 6. Weave your natural and synthetic hair together and finish with an elastic band.Weave your natural and synthetic hair together and finish with an elastic band. Place the anchor chain for the synthetic hair and your natural strand together and begin weaving the synthetic hair. Pull the right-hand strand under the anchor chain so that the right-hand strand is now in the center.
  • 7. Then, pull the left side under the center strand (now the right side strand) so that it is now in the center. Repeat this process all along the length of the hair, then secure the ends with a hair elastic. Keep the hair pulled tight and braided into a tight, neat braid, but not so tight as to be uncomfortable
  • 8. Make sure you create each braid quickly and evenly, as braiding your hair too slowly will result in curls. Apply the same amount of pressure so that the braids have the same thickness and shape.
  • 9. Cut the braids and dip the ends of the braids into hot water to seal them. Cut off any loose hair as close to the braid as possible to make the braid look smooth, taking care not to cut off any natural hair.
  • 10. Then, pour boiling water into a bowl and submerge each braid from the middle to the end for a few seconds. This will help remove any remaining wisps and curls from the braids and seal them to prevent them from falling apart.

The Wonderful Box Braids Hairstyles

1. Wavy Braids

Wavy Braids

Add a slight wave to the end of your box braid for a textured Bob full of dimension and unique detail.

2. Thicker Braids

Thicker Braids

Try something different and choose a thicker braid than your usual size. These larger braids make more of a statement, and we can't recommend them enough for women who want to make a statement with their hair.

3. Half-Up

Half-Up box braid

This hairstyle is perfect when you want a laid-back style.

4. Classic Bob

Classic Bob

Keep the classic Bob box braid look simple. The most classic choice.