If you are a woman who likes to change your hairstyle in time with fashion trends, and like to experiment with different hair styles, plus you are also a very creative and thoughtful person, then breathing new life into an old wig and adding some edgy bangs hair is a great way to do it!

But before you start to cut bangs, you must know some knowledge about wig cutting, such as how to choose the right type of bangs, what special supplies you need to buy, and how to quickly learn the proper bangs trimming technique. In this article, we'll walk you through the right way to properly cut wig bangs at home.


1. What Are Bangs In a Haircut?

Bangs are also be called fringes in British English, bangs are strands or locks of hair that fall over the scalp's front hairline to cover the forehead, usually just above the eyebrows, though can range to various lengths. While most people cut their fringe bangs straight, they may also shape them in an arc or leave them ragged.

2. Do Wigs Look Better With Bangs?

The best advantage of wearing the human hair wigs with bangs is the wigs' hairlines will be covered by the bangs, your real thin and spared hair near the hairline will never be seen, and you needn't to worry about your hairline any more. Furthermore, curtain bangs make your hair look much more neat and polished.

3. How To Choose A Suitable Bangs For You?

One of the easiest ways to completely change your look is to cut bangs. Even if you’ re not a professional wig stylist, it makes a big difference when using good tools and some skills. You’ ll likely end up with a more accurate cut, clean ends, and a style you’ re proud of.

If you want bangs but are not sure how they’ ll look, consider your face shape. The key to choosing a suitable bangs is your face shape, it is best to choose bangs that can accentuate your facial features, as long as the bangs are cut right, there is almost a qualitative leap in your appearance. Here are some guidelines for which bang types work best with certain face shapes.

(1)Long Face

We suggest cutting Teddy's curly bangs. The puffy Teddy's curly bangs can widen the face horizontally visually. The face is wider and looks less long. With Teddy's curly long hair, you can also look more hair.

(2)Square Face

It is recommended to cut the fringe bangs partially, A square face looks very advanced, very recognizable. The square face is characterized by a prominent jaw line, so you can use bangs to cover this part, and then use curly hair to soften the facial contour, so as to avoid the whole person appearing "square". Both three seven points and four six points pretty good.

(3)Rhombic Face

Rhombic face, also called diamond face, is also quite angular. The cheekbones are the widest part of the face, and the forehead and jaw are relatively narrow, so the overall face shape is narrow, long and sharp. This type of face is very special in itself. In order to retain the original recognition of the face type, I suggest you keep the same high recognition bangs on the eyebrows, which can highlight the five sense organs very well. If it is matched with a short hair, it is more personalized.

(4)Oval Face

Comic fringe is the first choice. The oval face is relatively standard, and the facial lines are smooth, so they can easily control the comic fringe. Similarly, don't cut the bangs too thick, or they will make the whole person stuffy, and the temperament is dull and short of anima.

(5)Round Face

Recommend French Style bangs. It is a bang that suitable for round faced girls. This bang will not be too long, so it is very neat. It is simply suitable for imperial temperament girls. This bang is quite neat, it has a strong sense of air and is smooth and straight. It is particularly easy to take care of.

No matter what your face shape, you can just think about what you love and what make you feel relax. Bangs are a great wig to add the charming and individuation to your hair style, so you can really express yourself through change your bangs.

4. How To Cut Vary Wigs Bangs?

Behind you choose a right bangs, you can prepare to cut the beautiful bangs style. And there’s a few simple ways to update your wig from the comfort of your own home, you needn’t to worry about it. Just using tools to make some simple steps that transform your wig into a whole new look.

Before getting started trimming your wig, it’ s essential to have the right tools. Of course, the first step for how to cut a wig is to have a good pair of scissors or shears. In addition to your scissors, here are a few other items to have on-hand: rattail comb,spray bottle with water, clips, pins (if you’ re using a wig head), wig brush, curling iron and high quality wig.

You can wear a wig and trim it, or pin it to the wig head.There are three steps to tell you how to cut the wigs perfectly.


Use a rattail comb to separate the bangs from other hair, leave the hair you want to trim, and fix other hair with clips.


Wet the bangs with spray and comb them neatly. Cut the hair to the length you want, and use very sharp scissors to cut it to the length you want.


Trim the bangs according to the style you selected. If your wig is curly or wavy, make sure you pinch it lower than expected. If you have straight hair, but you want a curly hair bangs, you can also use a hot roller to do a little modeling to show a more attractive appearance.

5. Conclusion

If you want to have a wig that is durable and changeable, you need to a high-quality wig. Nadula hair can be a good choice for you. I hope this article can help you. If you have some other suggestions or ideas, you can also leave a message in the comments area.