Whether your hair is long or short, thick or thin, the headband braid hairstyle is an interesting and easy way to keep those pesky strands from messing up our fresh-faced faces. Are you looking for a way to wear a headband braid? Here is the most complete tutorial.

headband braid tutorial

Before braiding your hair

1. Wash and blow dry your hair

Use shampoo and conditioner to wash your hair, hair oil or serum can help to inject moisture into the strands and prevent frizziness, and you can apply some pomade to your hair.

2. Part your hair

To make a headband braid, you'll need to separate your hair from your ears with a comb, pull the back part apart and secure it with clips, or tie it into a ponytail, the top part of which will become your braid headband.

braid headband

Start braiding your hair

1. Divide the section of hair you need for a headband braid into 3 strands

Starting with a section of hair behind one ear, divide it into three strands, now cross the left section over the middle section, and then cross the right section over the new middle section. Once you've completed the process twice, continue to weave along your hairline, but this time make sure to pick up a small piece of hair as you weave, just like you would with a French braid. How to start braiding headband braid
Once you reach the opposite ear, you can stop picking up strands of hair to weave into your braid and simply keep braiding until you reach the end. Once you have braided your hair all the way to the tail, secure your braid with elastic or rubber band. It is then fried into pancakes to make them look thicker and fuller. To do this, use your thumb and index finger to gently pull on your braid.

2. Secure your headband braid

Pull the tail of the braid over your head so that it rests flat on the nape of your neck. Secure it under your hair with some bobby pins every few inches to make sure it's hidden under the rest of your hair.

After braiding your hair

Now that you're done with your headband braid, it's time to focus on the rest of your hair. Work with 1-2 inch sections of hair at a time, using a curling iron to create loose waves. Just hold it on the curler for a few seconds, because you don't want to make little loops here.

best headband braid hairstyles in 2023

What are the best headband braid hairstyles in 2023?

Here are five of the most popular headband braids for 2022 to play a beautiful and comfortable role in any length and texture of hair. Come and choose your favorite headband braid hairstyle!

1. French braided headband

French braid through the center of the top section and add some soft curls to complete a look. Combining a headband braid style with curls can quickly transform this style from something simple to a fancy look for all occasions.

2. Cornrow headband braid

For women who have shorter strands around their hairline or bangs, a thin cornrow headband braid is best because it holds better against slipping. If you have thin hair, the cornrow headband braid will be your best choice.

3. Braided headband with a messy bun

Why not try to accessorize your messy bun with a front headband braid instead of a scarf or glitzy headband? A headband braid works best with a bun because you can really show off the complexity of the braid and make it the focal point of the hairstyle. The braided headband with a messy bun will be the hottest casual hairstyle in 2023.

4. Double headband braids

If you don't know how to do a Dutch braid or fishtail braid, there is a simple trick to fake the hairstyle. Put two medium-sized braids together so that they look like one large headband braid. Mix with loose waves and thick side wires. The double headband braids hairstyle is so cute, which is best for girls who with thick hair.

5. Waterfall headband braid

Waterfall headband braid looks complicated, but they're really easy to learn. In fact, this style just needs to simply brush the hair back into a tiny braid, and then pull the piece from the front through the braid and lay it across your head.


In recent years, the headband braid style is very popular, especially in the summer months. These headband braid hairstyles are able to redeem bad hair for beauty and comfort in any hair length or texture. There are many girls who think that a great way to change your appearance is to wear a headband braid instead of a regular headband. Headband braid hairstyles are all the rage now, from the catwalk to celebrities. Follow my tutorial to achieve the headband braid hairstyle.