Girls are always irresistible to braid hairstyles because braids can easily make you stand out from ordinary hairstyles. In this blog today, we mainly introduce an elegant and simple braid hairstyle, which can also be playful and cute with different outfits and decorations. It is a braided headband hairstyle. This is a hairstyle that uses hair as the most accessory. At this time, your hair is the best accessory. You can wear it on any occasion, and people's eyes will easily follow you. It can also be used as a beautiful wedding look, which is very elegant and noble with a light veil and crown. So how should this braided headband hairstyle be braided? Read on to get your summer hairstyle ready.

This hairstyle is more suitable for long hair. It is made by braiding your own hair to look like a headband, so it will be easier to braid long hair. This style is sweeter and will make you look very original. Below you can find our step-by-step tutorial for this quick and easy yet beautifully minimal braided headband hairstyle.

braided headband

What Do You Need To Prepare Before Starting?

    • Bobby pins
    • Elastic Band
    • Long Hair

    Elastic bands can be used to tie the braid, Bobby pins are used to hold the braid where you want it to stay in place, and long hair is the prerequisite to ensure a smooth braid. If your hair is not long enough but you want to try this braided headband, you can use a wig instead, high-quality human hair wigs allow you to create all kinds of hairstyles you want.

    In addition, there are many braided headband braiding methods and design styles, each of which is very beautiful and has its own characteristics. Next, let's take a look at what braided headband hairstyles are available and how to create them.

    braided headband hairstyle

    1. Single Braid Braided Headband

    You can do this hairstyle with just one braid. First, you need to prepare clean hair, then gently comb the hair to make the hair smooth and tangle-free.

    Next you select a strand of hair for the braid. If your hair is parted in the middle, you can choose to take a section just to the right of your left or right ear at will. If your hair is parted, it's best to braid a section of hair from the side with the thickest hair. Note that when you take the hair, try to ensure that there is other hair on top of this strand of hair to cover it. This will help the final hairstyle to have a more natural finish.

    Then, you need to divide this strand of hair into three sections and create a basic three-strand braid. When the braid reaches the bottom, secure it with a rubber band, then grab the end of the braid with one hand, and gently stretch the braid to the sides with the other hand to make the braid look fuller and looser.

    Finally loop the braid up the crown (on top of the head) and secure the ends behind the other ear with bobby pins. Hand the hair around the ears on both sides, trying to let the rest of the hair cover the original weave traces of the braid near the ears.

    headband braid

    2. Double Side Braided Headband

    This braided headband is basically the same as the first braiding method, the only difference is that the single-sided braid has changed to a double-sided braid. Follow the method of the single-sided braided headband to complete one side of the braid and then go to the other side and do the same steps. The double-sided braided headband crosses each other through the left and right braids, showing a little layering and looking more refined.

    3. Hairline Headband Braid

    Hairline headband braids weave all the hair around your hairline into braided headbands, which will keep those pesky strands from interfering with your fresh face, especially on hot summer days when you’ll need it.

    The preparation for this hairstyle is the same as the first one, with slight differences in the method of taking the hair strands and braiding the braids. Once the hair is prepped, use the end of the rat tail comb to demarcate 3-4cm of hair area, including the hairline, then braid them, after the elastic is tied, secure the braid to the back of the head with bobby pins Center the bottom and cover the bobby pins with the rest of the hair. If your hair is parted, you can create a half-braid headband hairstyle from the side with more hair. If you have a middle-parted hairstyle, you can take the hairline strands on both sides and braid them into two braids, and then pass the two braids from behind the ears to the lower middle of the back of the head (neck middle position) and tie them together with a rubber band, cover the rubber band marks with other hair, and this hairstyle is complete.


    The above is the main content of this blog. Braided hair is a fresh hairstyle that is very suitable for summer. It is elegant and pretty, smart and interesting. Call your sisters to try it together.