Butterfly locs hairstyles feature the alluring minimal-tension protective style. If you prefer the hairstyles keeping your natural hair tucked away to promote growth and prevent damage, butterfly locs hairstyles are the ones you should not miss. In this blog, we will take a look at everything you need to know about butterfly locs.

long butterfly locs

How To Make Butterfly Locs?

Here are the detailed steps for making butterfly locs hairstyles.

1. Wash Your Bundles

Prepare 6 packs of water wave bundles. Clean your bundles with some vinegar first. Run lukewarm water in the tub and add a heave pour of white vinegar. And make sure the twist tie is secure around each bundle of hair so that it all stays together. Submerge the hair in the water and agitate to help clean it more thoroughly. Then leave it to soak for at least 2 hours. After that, rinse them off with fresh water and ring the hair out, and then let it dry overnight. This helps to avoid any itching.

2. Section Your Natural Hair

Apply leave-in conditioner to use as a moisturizer. First, make a part from ear to ear to split your hair into a front and back sections. And divide the front section in half with a middle part. For each of those front sides, make 4 rows and each row will have sections for 3 butterfly locks, except for the very bottom row where will be made two sections.

3. Make Small Ponytails

Take the extra hold jam and apply that to your roots and brush to smooth with an edge brush. Then use rubber bands to band each section so your roots stay flat. When you get around the front, make sure to leave some edge hair out so you can shape it. When you are all done, you will get 4 rows with 2, 3, and 3 ponytails. Then you only need to do the exact same thing for the other side.

brown butterfly locs

4. Install The Water Wave Hair

water wave hair comes grouped together in these strands. Take two of these for each look. Fold it in half so that the other, and the short side may look super short, but don’t worry because it does stretch out so you can get it to the length that you want. Next, start to braid it in with your natural hair and I’m going down about an inch just to attach it. Then you want to separate and fluff out the water wave hair so you can get a thick full looking lock. Now with the longer side of the crochet hair in one hand and use the shorter side as the base.

5.Create The Lock

wind the longer side around it to create the lock. First, wind upgrades to cover up the braided part. Once you get to the very top by your roots, wind a few times around the rubber band to cover that up as well. Then wind the hair down to get the irregularities that butterfly locks are known for. Fluff out some of the waves and alternate how tightly. After you are winding every few rotations, ease up a bit and that allows the lock to get more personality so it is not very uniform.

So once you have winded down to the length you want your lock to finish it off, take your finger and hold it where you want the bottom of the lock to be folded the ends of the hair up. Wind it around the loop you are making with your finger a few times to secure it, and then start winding the hair upwards until you can’t wind anymore. Then just repeat the process to finish the whole butterfly locs style.

6. Make Hair Edges

Take a little more jam and apply it to your edges, and then brush them in place for your style. The whole process may take you 4 or more hours to complete. We want to mention that though this hair feels a little heavy in the first couple of days of wearing it, after about 5-6 days it won’t feel so heavy anymore.

How To Take Out Butterfly Locs?

It is really simple. What you need to do is first pull down on the bottom to undo that loop, and then work in reserve by unwinding the hair. Take down the braid which will remove the crochet hair. As for the removal of the rubber band, take a rat tail comb and place it right underneath one loop of the rubber band, and then while holding your hair firmly so it won’t pull on it. Move the comb out until the rubber band pops and it falls off. That is basically all you have to do.

Faq About Butterfly Locs Hairstyles

1. What hair to use for butterfly locs?

Freetress water wave braiding hair or any type of wavy hair can be used for butterfly locs

water wave bundles

2. How many packs of hair for butterfly locs?

Generally, you need a minimum of about 6-8 packs of wavy hair for a complete butterfly locs hairstyle. How many packs of hair you need depends on the length and volume you want.

3. How long do butterfly locs take?

On average, it could take between 4-6 hours to get it done, which depends on the length you desire.

4. How long do butterfly locs last?

With the proper care, butterfly locs can last between 8-12 weeks.


Butterfly locs are one the trendy protective hairstyles that can last a very long time and create and show your personality. We detailed the steps of making butterfly locs hairstyle by yourself. If you think this is a complex process and are not sure whether you can accomplish the style perfectly, you can ask for your stylist.