Hairstyle is one of the important elements of fashion. Nowadays, people pay more and more attention to their hairstyles. They will change their hairstyles according to their styling. Different hairstyles will make people have different temperaments. Then, have you heard of a hairstyle named half up half down” or"half up half down hairstyles for black hair"?

Not only us, but this hairstyle is also even loved by many stars. What we are going to introduce today is half up half down quick weave hairstyles. There is a video from a YouTube Star below. She shared the whole process of how to make a half up half down quick weave hairstyles from the very beginning.

1. Do Some Preparations

Before making the hairstyle, you should divide your hair into two parts, the top and the below. You need to braid cornrows with the below part and tie the frontal hair up. As flat as possible when you braid your hair is important. Then put on a weaving mesh and prepare a maker. Draw a line along the parting of the frontal and back part of the hair, which is going to make sure that the wig part will fit super flat and super perfect.

2. Start sewing the hair

You should sew the hair from the below first. If you've never made a wig before or never sewed, this is maybe going to be a little bit difficult. But if you're used to sewing on, here you know what to do.

Now just sew it left to right, and I flipped over the tracks for the first bundle. When you start on the second bundle in this clip, cut the tracks to make it get a little bit flatter. Then just keep sewing. After finishing sewing all hair, you are going to cut the mesh, and dont cut the thread, please be very careful. And then you will get a hair closure.

3. Make a ponytail wig

Now we're going to work on a ponytail and what you're going to do is just break your hair as if you were going to do an extended ponytail. Try to braid your hair as tight as possible.

Then you need to measure your ponytail. You can take a silky cloth and slide it on your ponytail to get the size of the ponytails base. To make sure the rough size of the size, you can take a stitch on the cloth. Then take out a round shape tool, like a whisk. Sewing around it. Just sew like the shape of your ponytail and remember to make it smaller towards the top.

After sewing the cloth, cut the excess material off in the area and have it turned. Now you get a wig for your ponytail. You can also slide it down your ponytail to check whether it fits your braid. I guess it will be perfect.

half up half down hairstyles for black hair

4. Sew the hair on your ponytail wig

This might be the hardest step but please keep patient. Firstly what you're going to do is put the mark around the whisk, and then start sewing the hair around in a circle all the way to the top.

5. Make the half down hair

Take out the wig you make at the first. You can prepare some clips around it. You can also do four clips, but I prefer for it to be all around because I just want it to be really secure and flat. And putting in more clips will divide the weight. Every grade is covered by the clips and it's super flat also. If you feel it is pulling on your hair or anything it's not good, just readjust it until you feel good.

Section off a little bit of the frontal hair to cover up the tracks in the back. And then tie the hair you sectioned off and the bundles into a ponytail.

6. Make the half-up hair

Press your hair if your hair is also like a kinky texture to make it blend the wavy bundles more perfectly. You can press out your hair in sections with a flat iron. Next, put some hair wax around the hairline and use a hard bristle brush to slick it down. Then do a few edges with a brush.

Start braiding the frontal hair. What you can dis is apply some hair ties to make the braid stiffer. Now it is time to take out the wig which you sew for your tail. Slide it down your ponytail. It's really not that difficult you just have to squeeze it in.

Then you're just going to hide the track, so take a little bit of hair from the back, and you're going to wrap it around with glue or bobby pins.

7. Blend your leave out

The last step is to blend your leave out. You can use heat to press the leave out to make it blend the wave hair more naturally.


A half up half down quick weave hairstyle has been finished until here. And with the method, you don't have to use glue, you don't have to sew on the hair. Imagine if you're just getting up in the morning, all you have to do is click on the wig part and put the ponytail on, and that's it you're out the door. How easy this is! And you can take it off at night you don't have to sleep with this tight-ass ponytail.

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