When mentioning a bundle of hair, someone may not familiar with it. But for the African American girls, they are common like their clothes. Almost every one of them has hair bundles or wigs in daily life. So finding reliable and good hair bundle vendors will be very important. 

But what is a bundle of hair anyway? This is a question that will help you understand the vital aspect of the hair business particularly the quantity. There’s nothing so frustrating than when you purchase hair online only to find out that it was never enough. If you know the number of bundles you often use then you will cut off the frequent trips to the shop. Some new customers often ask how much is 3 bundle hair deals, which bundle hair store sells the cheap bundle hair? Or which one is the best bundle hair website? Here we will introduce to you all.

brazilian body wave bundles with closure nadula

What Is Bundle Of hair?

Hair bundles, are a collection of high-quality hair extension wefts that have been tied up together (usually with a ribbon) and sold to be used for weaves. Commonly sold by hair vendors specializing in virgin hair, this type of hair normally originates from Asia, where most virgin hair is procured.

The best bundle hair on the market now is the virgin or Remy hair bundle. If you want to get cheap hair bundle deals, you must pay more attention to the quality and examine the sample first. 

How much Is A Bundle Of Hair?

The price of bundle hair is affected by different factors. The length, the texture, the color, and so on. Here we will take the example of some factors and show them to you:

1.The Length Of Bundles Hair

The length is an important factor that will influence the cost of human hair bundles.

Different people have different length demands of cheap human hair bundles. They will choose the right hair length they want according to their preference, but the cost of the different lengths of human hair weave is different.

Let’s take 3 Bundles Unprocessed Virgin Brazilian Straight Hair Weave Natural Black as an example, the cost of 3 bundles: 8 inch is $49.4, 10 inch is $68.04, 20 inch is $141.42.And you will get a more affordable price with the Nadula coupon code. Different inch has different price, this price is for one bundle straight human hair. Different length straight human hair bundles group is also different. 

straight hair bundles


2. The Texture Of Bundles Hair

The texture of real human hair bundles is another important factor that will influence the cost of human hair bundles.

 Straight hair is considered the classic hairstyle that is acceptable for most people. Curly human hair bundles, loose deep wave human hair bundles, natural wave hair bundles, and other curly hairstyles are regarded as the fashionable human hair weave bundles as the personalized curls. But the cost of different human hair bundles texture is different even if on the base of the same hair color, same hair length, same hair bundles quantity, and the same hair quality. Let’s take Kinky Curly Virgin Hair Weave 3 Bundles as an example: the cost of 3 bundles: 8 inch is $65.85, 10 inch is $78.99, 20 inch is $152.07.And also, you will get a more affordable price with the Nadula coupon code. 

kinky curly bundles hair

3. The Color Of Bundles Hair

Some women love to wear natural color cheap human hair bundles, there are also some women who love to wear colored human hair bundles, such as blonde human hair bundles, ombre human hair bundles, etc. But when you decide what color you want to buy, you should first know different color human hair will have different prices.

There are 3 kinds of popular colored human hair bundles, 613 blonde human hair bundles, T1B/4/27 ombre human hair bundles, and T1B/613 colored human hair bundles. Let us take one bundle of straight 10-inch human hair weave as an example.

The cost of a 10 inches 1 bundle 613 blonde human hair bundles is $49.81

But the cost of a 10 inches 1bundle natural black human hair bundles is $54.21

4. The Quantity Of Bundles Hair

Different people have different demands for wet and wavy human hair bundles. If you only want to add your hair volume, maybe you only need one bundle or two bundles of human hair weave, but if you want to sew in human hair wigs by bundles with closure, then you may need 3 bundles or 4 bundles of human hair wefts. The cost of different hair bundles quantity you need is also different. Generally speaking, the more you want to buy, the more money you will cost.

5. The quality Of Bundles Hair

Although we are talking about human hair there are different qualities of human hair and they cost you different prices. If you are buying pure Remy hair, it won’t cost the same as the non-Remy one.

Remy Vs. Non-Remy Hair

Also, if you are buying the unprocessed hair, it won’t cost the same as the processed one. If the hair is virgin, it will cost you more than the non-virgin hair.

Unprocessed Vs Processed Human Hair

So, for you to determine the price of the hair bundles, consider the above factors first but especially the quality. If you want cheap hair then you will have to compromise on the quality.

nadula balayage brown bundles of hair

Recommended Different Bundle Hair Styles

 1. Brazilian Hair

Brazilian hair is one of the best textures for African American women. The texture is very full, very thick, and just flat out fabulous. Brazilian virgin weave is very easy to manage. Four key pointers to managing virgin types of weave are; (1) wash hair with a sulfate-free shampoo and use moisturizing conditioners; (2) use a paddle brush and a wide-tooth comb; (3) do not use a ton of oils on your hair; and lastly, (4) consult with a professional before using chemicals on your investment.

2. Malaysian Bundle Hair

Malaysian hair is very soft. It blends best with relaxed textures and girls with very fine, silky hair. It’s extremely manageable and has a luster of its own. The hair is very soft and full of luster.

 3. Peruvian Bundle Hair

Peruvian hair is sought after quite a bit because of its multi-purpose texture. This hair blends perfectly with African American, relaxed and natural as well as medium, coarse caucasian hair textures. Peruvian hair is lightweight, free-flowing, and luxurious.

4. Indian Bundle Hair

Indian hair has the thickest texture. It suits most natural women since Indian hair is very textured and comes with a very natural luster. One of my favorite virgin hair retailers is nadula.com. Our virgin Indian hair comes in a variety of styles such as straight, wavy, and tight curly.