Do you want a beautiful ponytail? How do you get a ponytail usually? What ponytail is a wonderful one in your mind? For African American women, it is a little difficult to get a voluminous ponytail. While today we will tell you one of the easiest ways to make a ponytail. That is a ponytail weave. Ponytail weave is a good item that can help you get different weave ponytail styles, such as sleek low curly ponytail with ponytail weave and side part slick back ponytail with weave. If you are curious about weave ponytails, please follow us to learn more knowledge about them.

What Is Weave Ponytail?

A weave ponytail, just as its name implies, is a kind of weave used to make a ponytail, also called a fake ponytail. Every ponytail weave has a claw clip. You can clip the ponytail weave into your own hair bun to secure it and make a ponytail. There is a drawstring wrapping around your hair to tie the ponytail and get a better hold.

body wave ponytail weave

Why Choose A Weave Ponytail?

At the very beginning, we have mentioned that ponytail weaves are good items to make a wonderful ponytail. Maybe many girls question that. We will list some of the advantages of ponytail weaves.

1. Realistic Ponytail Look

Generally speaking, ponytail weaves are made out of synthetic hair or human hair. Because of customers’ pursuit of the natural hair look, most ponytail weaves are made of human hair. You can use it to get a realistic ponytail with ponytail weaves. It is difficult for others to tell whether it is a fake ponytail.

2. Easy To Install

In the past, many girls choose to wear a wig or use hair weaves to get a ponytail. But they are relatively more complicated to install. Wearing ponytail weaves is definitely the easiest way for all beginners. They are also very suitable for a lazy day. We will introduce the installation steps later.

3. Affordable Price

How much does a ponytail weave cost? Compared with the wigs and weaves, ponytail weaves have the most affordable price. If you have a limited price, then this is a good option. Take Nadula ponytail weaves as an example, a human hair ponytail weave of 18 inches is about $50, and a ponytail weave of 24 inches is about $80. You can get an ideal ponytail at the best price.

4. Protect Your Natural Hair

You only need to clip the ponytail weave in your natural hair bun. It will not cover your head and have to be kept for more than one weak, which will never cause stress for your scalp and natural. Therefore, it is perfect for the hot summer.

How To Do Ponytail With Weave Ponytail?

How do you make a fake ponytail look real on your natural hair? Many people may have never tried ponytail weaves, so they are unfamiliar with their usage. No problem, we will show you how to use ponytail weave step by step in this section.

long weave ponytail

1. Comb Your Hair And Tie It Into a Bun

Use the hairbrush to remove all the knots of your hair. Then take some hair ties and put your hair up into a small and tight bun. Apply some eco styler gel and apply it to your hair all around. Next, brush your hair into your ponytail to make your hair smooth enough.

2. Apply Ultra Glued

After finishing the first step, you can retie your hair as tight and smooth as possible. Then Take a small toothbrush and apply some ultra glued on your hair. You can also use this brush to fix your little edges. This will make your hair sleeker. Use a headscarf to tie your hair up to let the gel sit in, ten minutes are enough. Keep careful when you take the scarf off.

3. Install The Weave Ponytail

Slide the comb of the ponytail weave into the base of your bun. Then take the little tail and wrap it around. At the last, insert 2 or 3 bobby pins into your bun to secure the ponytail weave. OK, you will get a voluminous ponytail. To get a high ponytail, a low ponytail or a side ponytail with weave, the steps of installation are the same. You only need to adjust the height of your hair bun.

Different Weave Ponytail Styles

Which ponytail do you prefer? A trail one, body wave, or a curly one? To meet individuals' needs, we have designed many different weave ponytail styles. You can decide which one to choose according to your preference and get different ponytail hairstyles with weaves.

1. Straight Long Ponytail Weave

straight weave ponytail

2. Ponytail Water Wave

Ponytail Water Wave

3. Ponytail Silky Kinky Straight

Kinky Straight weave ponytail

4. Afro Kinky Curly Drawstring Ponytail

Afro Kinky Curly Drawstring Ponytail

5.Weave Curly Ponytail

Weave Curly Ponytail