Are you ready for a new hair color this summer? Over the past year, we have seen a lot of Balayage and Ombre hair trends popping up on social media, and just when you thought the inspiration pool was starting to dry up, a hot new hue pops up by surprise and that is tiger eye hair color. Keep reading, in this article I'll tell you what tiger eye hair color is and how to get it.

What is tiger eye hair color?

What is tiger eye hair color?

The trend is not named after an animal but after the tiger eye gem. Tiger eye is shiny and vibrant and comes in blonde, brown, red, caramel, copper, and bronze colors. Tiger eye hair color is created by applying these colors to brown hair. By gently adding these colors to your hair with the Balayage technique, you will create a warm, gorgeous, three-dimensional, and lustrous blend. This blend of tones helps to create a multidimensional look, and it is similar to Balayage highlights, a tiger eye stone hair color characterized by a darker root and lighter tail.

What is tiger eye hair color?

How to do tiger eye hair color?

You will have three ways to get tiger eye hair color. The first way is to go directly to the hairdresser and get the hair color with the help of your stylist. The second way is to buy tiger eye hair dye and dye your hair at home. The third is to buy wigs with tiger eye hair color, but there are no wigs with this hair color on the market. I will show you how to get tiger eye hair color at home.

1. Prepare your tiger eye hair dye ahead of time

How to do tiger eye hair color?

Check out your local beauty store and buy the right products for the look you're going for. Mix your dye according to the instructions on the package. After you have chosen the various colors, you need to prepare them according to the instructions for each product.

2. Divide your hair into multiple, identical sections, and then you can apply the hair dye to your head using the Balayage technique

How to do tiger eye hair color?

Balayage is a very organic, free way to dye, but it's important that you spread it out into your hair. By applying the dye section by section, you can ensure that there is a little color everywhere. You will create your tiger eye hair color through Balayage technology. Balayage is a natural way of dyeing hair, where the dye is gently applied to the entire hair for a natural, soft effect. The key to the success of tiger eye hair color is to apply it only to the bottom half of the hair, rather than facing up. Pick up a little dye with your fingers and rub it into your hair. The very top of the hair should be soaked in the dye, which will lighten the color as you move up. To make sure you don't end up with an unsightly straight line at the end of the dye, make sure to gently pull the dye up to create a blurry border.

3. Rinse and dry your hair

How to do tiger eye hair color?

After your dye has set for the allotted time, rinse the strands thoroughly with your favorite shampoo. Sometimes, toning down brown hair results in an orange tinge. If this happens, you can repair or soften it by using a toner or purple shampoo.

What are the best tiger eye hair color ideas for 2023?

Tiger eye hair color is the update we've been waiting for from Balayage. This hair trend takes a warm tone out of black hair, and its natural style is the painted highlights we've come to expect, with a few of the hottest tiger eye hair color ideas for 2023 below.

What are the best tiger eye hair color ideas for 2023?

1. Tiger eye hair color with rose blonde tones

By its very nature, tiger eye hair color tends to focus on natural dark and blonde tones, with a hint of red here and there. However, this reddish-brown shade, with a hint of rose blonde, makes the tiger eye hair color really stand out.

2. Beyonce tiger eye hair color updo

Beyonce tiger eye hair color updos definitely translate well into normal everyday life. The braids on the sides further accentuate the caramel highlights and lowlights, creating the perfect tiger eye updo.

3. Long, auburn waves with tiger eye hair color

The tiger eye hair color looks magical on super-long hair, which gives the colorist plenty of room to play with tone and technique. Here, russet highlights add warmth and dimension to dark brown hair.


Tiger hair color is a hair color trend that is best done by a professional as it requires mixing many shades together. You can discuss different ways to get tiger eye hair color with your hair colorist so you're not disappointed with the end result.

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