Your hair is a charming addition that enhances your personality. If you have a sickness or want to try new trends but are apprehensive about placing a wager, wigs beat all odds. The wig fad has left its mark in the modern world's new era.

Wigs are gaining attention to get a different look without damaging your natural hair. You may dye your wig vibrant colors or fashion them however you wish. Adopting a new neon shade currently in fashion will not interfere with the fact that you can easily change the hair dye without any difficulty or damage.

Grey may be your call for your wig, which is challenging to get and maintain. This article will lead you through the steps you need to follow to get the morally grey tone for the November season and the perks of dyeing your wig.

Perks of Dyeing your Wig

how do you put grey on a wig

You may now get a vogue or red-carpet image by wearing your favorite wig in the style of an actress or model. Dyeing your wigs is far easier and more convenient than dying your hair.

Vibrant, pastel, dark, and exotic colors are all possible. You may even alter your hair color every week without causing damage to your natural hair.

· You Are Free to Adhere to Any Trend

Remaking the trends you see on the runways is a terrific method to achieve a hair color you like while staying in vogue.

You may wear any hair color you like, such as light streaks in the summer and darker tones in the winter, without compromising your hair's natural roots.

· It Drives Attention to Your Features

Coloring your wig may be a simple technique to highlight traits hidden by your dark and drab hair. Due to the dyed wig, you may accentuate your eyes, jawline, and cheekbones.

· It Matches Your Skin Tone

To make your aura more vibrant, every skin tone demands a perfect blend of hair color that compliments and amplifies it.

Dying your wig, a color that not only matches but also complements your skin tone is a smart move. You will look to be more confident and approachable.

· You Want a Refreshed Look 

You're tired of your old-school blonde or dark, boring hair color and want to freshen your look. You might want to add some spice to your look, but this is your first adventure, and your heart is pounding. Because you don't want to embarrass yourself in front of everyone, dyeing your wig may be a better solution.

If the color of your wig matches your expectations, you may wear it; if not, you can easily change your hair color and your wig or not wear it. Either alternative is fantastic for you!

· After A Negative Cycle, A Perfect Glow-Up

You may be someone who has been stuck in a depressing cycle and want to eliminate negative ideas and alter everything physically and mentally.

You've checked the iron mind list, but now it's time to experiment with a new and unique hair color that you've never worn before, but what's better than not taking a risk? GAL, GO FOR IT!

Try dyeing a wig and wearing it for different occasions, for example, a revenge look or a back-to-school glow-up image.

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Steps To Color Your Wig Grey

The so-called 'Granny Look' is quite attractive and suitable for people of all ages. A little work is required to effectively color your wig grey, especially at home.

The methods below will guide you through achieving a greyish-grey tint on your wigs in the comfort of your bathroom.

Things You’ll Need:

You'll need the following items to color your wig grey:

  • The hair color with the most genuine grey color
  • A towel or t-shirt to cover your shoulders and your clothing.
  • Toners
  • Bleach
  • For best results, use a plastic brush or an applicator.
  • Petroleum Jelly
  • And a setting and ambiance in which you can ease.


To turn heads and soak up the rays with your new fashionable grey wig. However, before applying color, you may ask what the proper approach is, and the correct procedures are stated below.

1. Bleach Your Wig with Caution

Turning your wig grey will be relatively more uncomplicated if it is naturally light or blonde. If your wig is brown, you may need to bleach it many times before applying the grey color.

It's necessary to lighten your wig as much as possible before attempting to grey it; this will assist ensure an equal tone and brightness.

2. Apply Toner and Petroleum Jelly

Toner will remove any yellow hues from your bleached wig and is a critical step in ensuring your final shade of grey hair is as brilliant as possible to avoid 50 shades of grey on your wig.

After applying the tone, leave it on for around 15 minutes to play its charm. Petroleum jelly will keep your wig smooth and silky even after bleaching and dying.

3. Split Your Wig into Sections

Carefully comply with the directions on the label when using hair color, and do not leave it on for prolonged than advised.

Split your wig into smaller portions using pins to make dyeing simpler. For even application, apply the color to one segment at a time.

Wrap your head with a plastic bag as your dye drips - it's not the most elegant sight, but it's a smart tip.

4. Conditioner is a Hack!

After adequately shampooing your wig and rinsing any hair color, add a moisturizing conditioner to give your wig an exceptional lustrous sheen after you've blow-dried and groomed it.

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Dying your wig may be the ideal alternative if you are concerned about your image and look and do not want to compromise it by dyeing your natural hair.

Adding grey tint or dying them grey quickly reinvents your distinctive look, whether you're loyal to any wig shade. And it will not only make you appear more fashionable, but it will also compliment every skin tone. This article has addressed all aspects of dying your wig grey at home using simple tools.